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Information Literacy Question

What book is required for Info. Literacy class? I am taking it on August 25th.

Hope everyone is having a super week so far.

There is no book at all. It's all online and super easy. You just read the info they give you and then pass a quiz for each section. You have to pass each section before you can move on to the next, if I remember correctly. I forget how many sections you have to do but it's not bad. When you have completed all the sections you will take the final quiz. If you really buckle down you can finish it in a day. It's pass/fail and not very hard at all, just kind of boring IMO.

Okay thank you so much!! I am going to do it in one day, two days tops.

Your welcome:yes:. I did it in one day. Just wanted to get it out of the way. Allow yourself about four to five uninterrupted hours. But just so you know, you do have the entire eight weeks to do it and you can start it at any time during that eight weeks. Once you finish it you'll wonder why it costs so much to take that course :no:. Oh well, at least we don't have to buy a book too.

Yeah, I did mine in about four hours and made an A. It helps to actually read the information, which was kinda useful in some spots.

It's easy, and if I'm not mistaken it's "open book" anyway.

You guys are awesome! Thank ya thank ya!

Hi Nibbles,

I finished Info to literacy earlier today. Very easy. It only took me 2hrs to complete the entire course. Good luck!

I would be finished, however the internet is going slow. I finished all five of the modules in four hours with the internet cutting out. So frustrating. Still got to take the final exam.