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I posted this in the pre-Nursing program, but I'm not sure if that was the best place.

I'm a freshman in college, and I'm very interested in becoming an NP. I was debating between a PA and NP for a long time, and I came to the conclusion that NP would be better. However, I just found out about the required doctorate and now I'm a little worried. Is it worth it to get the doctorate? And I'm also curious if I will even need it.. I will graduate in 2012, and then go into the Masters program. I'm not sure when I will graduate that, but I'm assuming around 2014. So I will be right around the deadline, do you think I will need the DNP? Or, even if it's not required, would I want it since it would be easier to get a job considering all the new NPs would have the Dr.?

I've never been interested in being an MD, because I want the more reasonable hours, I want to remain personal with my patients, and I just think it would be a better job. But now that the schooling will take about the same time... I just don't know. I would just like some more information, please!

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The schooling won't take the same amount of time.

NP = 4yr BSN + 2-3yr MSN

MD = 4yr bachelor degree + 4 yrs med school + residency/fellowship etc.

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Some Universities have already made the transition to a BSN-DNP program (and are no longer admitting Advanced Practice students into a MSN program). I expect more schools to make this transition well before the 2015 deadline.

These BSN-DNP programs are about 72-85 semester credits long (about 3-4 years) beyond the undergraduate degree.

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