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Hey All,

I am a new grad nurse starting at Baptist Hospital in August. I am not from the area and don't know much about what to expect. If anyone has worked there or is from the area and could give me some input I would really appreciate it.


- Does Baptist have a designated scrub color for nurses?

- Do the inpatient units have 12 or 8 hours shifts? (or a combination)


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Congrats! but were the hours not discussed when they offered you the position?

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We currently are allowed to wear any color. Must have scrub shirt or jacket on. Pants must be solid color.

We work 3 12H shifts for full-time.

There are changes coming that will hopefully be smoothed out before you start. (We will no longer be "Baptist Hospital" within the next few weeks.

Any other questions let me know. What unit were you hired for?


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Thanks so much. I will be on the Ortho unit.


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Thanks! I was under the impression that it was 12 hr shifts but there are some places on the website that say clinical day shifts are 7a-3:30p or 8a-4:30p.

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I'm not aware of any inpatient units that have