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i recently attended a seminar by the college network and i registered to begin working on the lpn to rn program. i have to work full time, and i don't feel that i have any other choice to obtain my degree than to do a self study course.....sitting in a class room just cannot be in my crazy schedule. have any of you dealt with this company? any good/bad things to let me know about? thanks.

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Sashi, Check out the Distant Learning Forum. Lots of opinions on Third Partys for getting your Rn:) Best of wishes


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thanks so much for the info, i will try to get to that forum.

i am new at this and having a little difficulty ''navigating'' around. ha ha

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Sashi--- before you sign with them of ANY 3rd party publishing company, please, do some research. Ask around everywhere you can (this board is a good start!!!). My personal opinion is to skip the 3rd party and go directly through EC. It is a heck of a lot cheaper, and why get study materials from people who had NOTHING to do with writing EC's exams??? I learned the hard way. I went through a publishing company and to this day I kick myself for it. Watch out--- those publishing company staff people are slick. They'll tell you that THEY will put the study materials together FOR YOU to make studying that much easier. B.S. Don't buy it. You can get free content guides from EC either off their web site or they can mail them to you. Again, they are FREE. Sure beats over $300 per class with those 3rd parties.

There are plenty of people on the board who have plenty of opinions on publishing companies. Try doing a search on this board or go back a ways and look for threads about this same subject. You'll get more info than you'll want to know as far as our feelings towards these publishing companies. :)

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Think about the deal you are getting with these people. They are charging you around 350 dollers per study guide and Excesior doesnt even release their test material to them. You are paying X amount of dollars a month ( usually around 90.00) then have to pay college and testing fee's. I get the free outlines and look up the information. If I cant find what Im looking for then I get on and get the later editions. I just got off the phone with these people they have been after me for about 2 months now. They want about 3200 for the study guides for Excesior and about 4500 for ISU. Im not saying there is not good information in these study guides, but is it the info that you need? And are you willing to pay 90 dollars for 48 months for information you can get much much cheaper!!!:)

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