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Hi everyone... I am in the middle of selling my house and am relocating. Can you tell me how long and anything about the monitoring program in Tenn, Ga, Fla or NC. I am just wondering if they are shorter then the one I am in which is 5 years. Also if any of them are more helpful then the other. Thanks for your support. I am going through all the hoops here in VA but I really would like a new start somewhere else.

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I was looking for my other posts, I have written extensively on the Florida IPN program and explained every detail but I can't remember where they are:)

The contract for drug addiction is almost always 5years. I don't know if they will expect you to start all over with an evaluation with one of the addictionologists and his/her recommendations or just transfer your contract.

Not knowing what yours would be like, I can only explain mine. It's a typical 5 year. I am almost finished with year 2. THere is a 1 year narcotic restriction which I have not fulfilled because I work case management and will probably not return to the floor (but that's ok-you can complete the entire contract w/o that).

THere is the daily call in for colors-for the UDS. The color usualy comes up about once a month. It has been as long as 6 weeks and as short as 2. ETOH is not my drug of choice----but the IPN is a TOTAL abstinence contract, so you can not drink even if it's not your thing. THey used to call me for random occasional Etg (alcohol) urines along with the UDS every 3months or so and they randomly test the people who are alcoholics for drugs. However, everytime they would call me for a Etg, I would laugh...(it's been 12 years since I had a drink, so my case manager finally stopped was expensive) the drug tests are 42 dollars each time

There are weekly peer support meetings...which cost us 15 dollars a week. THere are 13 of us in our group and another 14 in the group 1 hour before us. The meetings are manditory.

You are to attend 3 support meetings a week (ie AA or NA are recommeded...) however, they do not ask for proof.

Your group facilitator and your employer must fill out evaluation forms quarterly, which you fax to IPN....they don't play...must be done on time.

If you are on any sort of "mood altering" drugs, ie's ok..but you must have your psychiatrist send in a medication management form quarterly. (that is if he/she is one of the original evaluators who put you on it)

.....and that's about's a pain..but it can be done...I know many people who completed....

THe whole key is do be compliant and to FLY UNDER THE not make waves.

BUT what I also want to address with you is the Florida job's pretty dismal...

I am in South East FL. I wrote a very long post...recently about the job market and the terrible, terrible pay IF you can find a job. See if you can find it. It's on a thread about the new grads or something. Not the general thread...but it had something about FLorida pay in the title.

THe nurses are making about 26.00-28.00, I just ran into a friend who was the house supervisor to a big local hospital here in town owned by Tenet....she said they are paying their case managers 25.00/hr...I almost fell over myself. Even I didn't realize it was that bad. This comes from someone who knows.

The nurses in my peer group have been having a hard time but are slowly getting hired. It's hard enough getting a job in this market, the IPN does make it harder...not impossible, but harder.

So, if you decide to move to Florida, I just wanted to give you a heads up on what it is like on the Southeast coast. *cost of living isnt cheap either--don't know how the market is on the west coast of Fl--same state but very different atmosphere.

be prepared to look for awhile, and I don't know what you were making in Virginia (I think that's where you are from) but it won't be anywhere near what you will make here.

But Good Luck in whatever you choose,

diva :D


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Thank you diva. Very helpful. I used to live in ft lauderdale but moved in 2000. I wanted to go back thinking the job market was better. Thanks for info.


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In Indiana the contracts are 3 years and you must provide proof of attendance at 3 NA/AA meetings per week and 2 nurses support group meetings.

Best of luck to you on your move. Keep us posted on where you end up!


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Hi. I am a nurse in Florida. I participate in the Fl IPN program. We would be happy to have more great nurses in Florida and Florida is a great place to live and work however, this could take some time. :eek: Dont get frusterated.

You would have to go through the Fl BON with all your current recovery progress and let them refer you. There are other ways, I'm only giving you info on what I know is the quickest and most efficient way. Once the BON refers you, this can be done long distance through the mail, you dont have to attend a hearing unless you choose to do so, you will contact IPN and enter at this point. Make lots of calls and ask lots of questions. When the monitoring is done in the case of drugs, prescription abuse or otherwise, there usually is a 5 year contract. I say usually very loosely as IPN contracts are set up to reflect your needs and they do try to adhere to monitoring provisions that result in success. Good Luck to you and I hope that you make it to Florida:coollook: