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Influenza vaccine

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The persavitives are neuro toxins

Em gulps and stuffs down the urge to be a grammer nazi

Some proof though would be good

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I  would like to weigh in on this. As a nurse who has been forced into getting the flu vaccine due to being a health care worker over the past 10 years. (I know when I say forced people will say- you can always wear a mask and I get that) but with the mask there is a stigma attached to that. I am supposed to set an example as I am a supervisor of my department. Here are my issues with mandated flu vaccine: 1) yes it is true that every single time I have gotten my flu vaccine I do have a "reaction"- I know I don't get the flu but I do get sick and usually will have to plan the shot to be administered to me on a Friday as I know that all weekend I will be feeling ill. 2) I have and my co-workers thatt receive the flu vaccine every year do get the flu. We get tested and we either have A or B. 3) Pretty much every year "the powers that be" report that the flu vaccine is only like 20% effective-so really what is the point? 4) People can argue with me and tell me oh your symptoms will be less intense if you do receive the flu vaccine than if you did not. Really? where is the science in this- where is the proof? Even if there is proof it is probably botched by government/ and big pharma as they work together; for every health care worker that receives the vaccine gets  a monetary kick back to the healthcare institution from the government- funny how that is isn't it-now do you realize why your healthcare agency pushes it so much? They run campaigns, have contests, update you weekly on flu vaccine employee compliance.  Do you really think this is about protecting people? NO it is about control and money. How is it that we give so many vaccines that are supposed to keep us healthy yet we are one of the sickest countries in the world?

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