tuberculosis skin test/dirty needle

  1. Hello, I am currently a nursing student and had to go get another tuberculosis skin test, normally these types of things do not cross my mind, but I noticed after I got my tuberculosis skin test, the nurse who gave it to me used a needle from her purse. This needle was not sealed from what I saw and was in a big plastic container that was shaped to fit the needle that all she had to do was remove the back end of container to use the needle. From what I saw the needle was the type used for tuberculosis skin test.

    However my question is, what is the chances of me getting any type disease since tuberculosis test are used intradermally IF the needle was used prior.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    It is not within our rules to give out such info when there appears to be a need to contact a medical provider.

    Something doesn't sound right here. And I have way too many questions to sift out to even try.

    To OP - just know that TB testing is usually done as a 'two-step' injection process. Meaning you'll receive 2 separate injections about 2 weeks apart.

    You'll need to clarify issues with whomever the 'authority' agent/agency is that would have been responsible for the employee that gave you your injection. You'll need to determine if there was more to the situation than you knew.

    That info will guide you to determining how to proceed with a PMP.

    Check it out.