Silicone vs. Latex Foley catheter use.

  1. Hi all. In our facility we are considering changing from a Bard Latex IC foley catheter to a Kendall 100% silicone latex catheter setup. I was wondering if any one has any experience with problems using the 100% silicone catheters. Primarily looking at increased infection rates so I thought this would be the group to ask. I case it makes a difference the kendall product would be about 40% cheaper. So administration is on me to approve this change. However the physicians are reluctant. So any material you could refer me to one way or the other would help.
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    forgive my blondeness...but why would you expect to possibly see increased infection rates?
  4. by   rrroyer
    I don't really expect increased infection rates. Based on what literature I received from the Kendall rep I expect decreased rates. However the physicians must have stock in Bard and swear that our infection rate will go up. The nurses like the new catheter tray, They like the no latex aspect, and with the cost being so much lower I'm sure we will have to change. We also have to win over the physicians however.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Start telling the physicians to produce those studies that back up their belief.

    They could also start donating enough money to make up the difference in price.

    They could also bring in the kits and insert all of the foleys themselves.

    AND PIGS FLY!!!!!!!
  6. by   rrroyer
    Ahh You must be using the same physicians as we are. LOL

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