how 9 healthcare workers became infected with SARs

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    Thank-you Oramar - there is some food for thought in that first post.
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    Yes, there are apparently more new cases here with up to 1000 people quarantined. Initially 5 suspect cases and then now up to 20 suspect cases. Although not confirmed as SARS. Shocking news when we have just started to get back to normal and have really only been 1 week without the masks. The patients involved are traced back to a rehab hospital and possible transmission from a missed SARS case which presented as post op pnemonia.
    It's worrisome news, it's possible more nurses and health care workers have been infected.
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    No chance that this new outbreak could be traced back to the civil authorites being in a real big hurry to declare an "allclear". Nah, that would only happen in China, not in the Americas.

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