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Do any of your facilities allow patients to bring in pillows, blankets, stuffed animals from home? My facility forbids these and I was told it was for infection control purposes. However, children under 10 may have a stuffed animal. As you can guess, this policy affects our patients who have borderline personality disorder.

I have also been told that the doctors don't want to encourage immature behaviors and the infection control thing is just a smokescreen. I totally do not agree with this approach and find it harsh and counter-therapeutic, but I don't set policy. Just curious as to what others do. Thanks.

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I've worked in two psych hospitals. Both allowed patients to bring in anything they wanted that wasn't potentially dangerous (sharps, ropes, liquor) or so big as to clutter the room too much. I suspect your facility doesn't allow it because home things can get lost and then the facility could be responsible for replacing them, and replacing Aunt Mary's Tiffany lamp could be expensive. :D


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we allow pts. to bring blankets, pillows, etc.....just no belts, sharps, etc....

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