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I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on infection control ....the one thing that I keep reading from students taking NCLEX, is that the majority had infection control on their test.

Standard Precautions:

1. gloves are worn when there is a chance of contact w/ blood & body fluids

when performing vascular access proc., when handling potentially infected material

2. gloves and aprons should be worn during proc. in which there is likely to be splashes of blood or

body fluids

3. gloves are worn w/ each pt. and & changed after each pt contact (or between contact proc. w

the same client)

4. Mask and protective eye wear should be worn when there is a chance of splashes or when

body fluids may become airborne

5. Handwashing should be done immed. after contact w/ body fluids or potentially infected

material & and as soon as gloves are removed

6. Needles and Sharps are to be disposed in sharps container , should NEVER recap, bend or

break a needle

7. Mouth to mouth resuscitation should be performed using a mouthpiece or other ventilation


Airborne Precautions:

Infections that are caused by organisms suspended in air for a prolonged time

some ex. would be: Tuberculosis, Measles (rubeola), chickenpox (varicella), disseminated zoster

(shingles). Place the pt. in a private rm. w/ neg. airflow the door should remain closed, people

who enter the room will need to wear HEPA mask (N-95). Ultraviolet light, transport the pt only

when it is essential and then the client should wear a surgical mask when being transported

Droplet Precautions:

Infections caused by organisms that are suspended in droplets that may travel 3 ft. but arent

suspended in air for long periods of time

ex: influenza, mumps, pertussis, rubella, diptheria, pneumonia, scarlet fever, streptococcal

pharyngitis, and meningitis caused by N. meningitidis, or H. influenza B.

You should place the pts. in a private room or cohort w/ client w/ same illness, place cohort

clients no closer than 3 feet to ea. other. Caregivers should wear a mask for face to face

contact. Door may remain open

Contact Precautions:

Infections caused by organisms spread by direct contact

ex: RSV, MRSA,VRE, scabies,

pt. should be placed in private room or room w/ client in same condition. caregivers should

glove up when entering room, gowns should be worn to prevent w/ client.

hands should be washed w/ antimicrobial soap before leaving the clients room. ANY

equipment used by the client should remain in the room and should be disinfected before

being used by anyone else. pt should only be transported for essential proc. during transport

precautions should be taken to prevent disease transmission.

I know this is silly...but sometimes you can forget the stupidest things....that are actually VERY IMP., anyway hope this helps someone!!!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it....taking boards next WED July 1st......I am taking whatever I can get!!! Thanks again...and this is NOT silly!!!!


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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it....taking boards next WED July 1st......I am taking whatever I can get!!! Thanks again...and this is NOT silly!!!!

Good Luck... I take NCLEX this Saturday, hopefully we will both have good news!!

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