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I am a nursing student at Rush University College of Nursing. For my senior project, I am supposed to look for hospitals who have implemented a parent banding policy in their Pediatric Unit. This means that the parents are also given an identification bracelet when to identify them as the parents of the child patient. If anyone knows a hospital that has implemented a policy like this, please let me know. My grade is dependent on this. Thank you very much in advance. : ) Merlissa

I am also a nursing student and volunteer at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI. Hasbro has parent banding. Their website is and just click on hasbro children's hospital for information.

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We have it at Children's Hospital of Alabama, where I work. Click on the link

If you need the specifics of the policy, I can probably paste it from our intranet. Email me if you need this info and I'll try to get it for ya!

Also, the hospital where I delivered my children has it implemented on their mother/baby unit. If you're interested in that, let me know and I'll get you that link also.

good luck!

I am a nursing student at North Georgia College and State University. When I went on my OB rotation at North East Georgia Medical Center in Gainsville, they had the parent banding policy. Havng the parent banding policy is great so the parents of the child can be identified and infant abduction can be prevented. Not only did the infant and parents have bands on for identification, the infant also had a transponder on his/her ankle. If the infant was carried close to stairs, elevators, or doorways, the transponder would go off. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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There was a case of infant abduction last year from Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, not too far from you. I don't know if they have implemented a banding policy for pediatrics, but I bet the staff nurses there could give you some valuable information and insight on this topic. You might want to talk to your instructor and see if he/she could help you set up an interview with someone there. Also, you could research the Chicago Trib and the Herald News archives for articles related to this topic, as it got quite a bit of press when it happened.

Good luck to you as you complete your studies. I started out as a new grad in the SCN at Rush and can't say enough about how wonderful it was! :)

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I heard on the radio this morning that a young woman attempted to abduct an infant from one of the nursing units at Rush. I'm not sure which unit, but apparently she was apprehended. You might not have far to go to get the information you need for your project. My good wishes to the family of the infant and to those who prevented this from becoming a tragedy.

Southwest Washington Medical Center's Family Birth Center tags mom, dad and has 2 tags, one on the wrist, one on that ankle with an alarm on it. If the babe is taken even near the exit, it sets off the house alarm. This facility is in Vancouver WA. If you need more detail, e-mail me.


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