Update ISU nursing school in California

  1. There has been some correspondence online and sent out by ISU and TCN that alleges ISU is again a CABRN approved nursing school operating within California and offering clinicals in US federal facilities. These are the facts:

    1. ISU is an Indiana nursing school who operates an on campus nursing school as well as an online nursing program. For the online students, clinicals are done in the student's state.

    2. December 2012, the CABRN withdrew the approval of ISU's nursing school in California due to severe issues (such as: from 2007 to 2012, ISU lied, mislead the CABRN and attempted to cover up the problem issues). The CABRN retroactively withdrew its approval from 2007 to December 2012.

    3. There is no longer an LVN-to-BSN program within California.

    4. Because there is no approval for ISU California LVN to BSN program, the Board's President stated "the CABRN has no jurisdiction over ISU, an out of state university." Thus, the correspondence that states that the CABRN "concurred" with ISU, is misleading. Accprding to California law, the CABRN has no authority or jurisdiction over an out of state nursing school; it has only jurisdiction over California schools. The use of the word 'concur' leads the reader to believe that the CABRN has made a finding or approved ISU and its out of state nursing school.

    5. ISU is now in the same category as Execlsor. Any California student who attends a non-approved California school and graduates, will be considered an out of state student and subject to the rules that apply to all out-of-state students who want to work within California.

    6. Any California who wishes to continue their education and graduate from the ISU online nursing school would be enrolled in the LPN-to-BSN program NOT the LVN-to-BSN program, which retroactively ended 2007-2012.

    7. Finally, the CABRN has not concurred or given its approval to the ISU LPN-to-BSN program that ISU offers to California students because the out-of-state program could never be approved by the CABRN.

    8. WARNING: Those applying to the ISU California LPN-to-BSN program do so at their own risk because California the Nurse Practice Act and the California Business and Professional Code does not apply to out of state, non-approved nursing schools.
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  3. by   karrikon
    Ok, I am still confused. Is there a chance they won't take my education, coming from NC and having a ISU degree? Please giveme your opinion.
  4. by   BA.LVN
    Yes, I'm a little confused too. If you are out of california, attend this school/do the online program, pass your RN boards, you can go back to California to work, right? Just doesn't make sense.
  5. by   karrikon
    It is an accredited school. However, they are not doing the program in California anymore. It doesn't mean you can't get licensed elsewhere and transfer your license, especially after having gained experience.
  6. by   mitczak
    You are correct. It would be like anyone from any program gaining licensure by endorsement from another state.