Indiana State University LPN Bridge Program

  1. I was wondering if anyone had information about ISU, I'm going to graduate as an LPN from Washington State in about a year and I want to earn my BSN. Is this school competitive or will you be admitted as long as you complete the challenge coursework/prerequisites? Does anyone know of some other options for LPN-BSN online bridge in WA?
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    Hello, there. Your thread has been moved to our Indiana State University Online Degree forum with the goal of attracting replies from those who are enrolled..
  4. by   cleealto
    Hello! I recently graduated from this program in December and live in WA state. It is not competitive against other students in that you are competeing for a spot, but it is not easy to get into either. You need to pass four challenge exams, the TEAS just as you would any other program. I believe they may be changing this option though, so you will need to double check on the challenge exams. It is a great program, very flexible. You can do part time or full time. It took me 2 years to complete. You need to set up your own clinical sites. That can be tough, but not impossible! I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have. I am now licensed RN-BSN in Seattle As far as I know.. this is the only online LPN-BSN program, however UW offers an on campus bridge program.
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    opening this thread up,I know it has been a year but I have some questions...please keep in touch as I have more questions gracetrabucco at gmail dot com. Thank you