Winter Storm - page 2

Just wanted to say to all Indiana nurses....take care during this winter storm. I am lucky to be off work till Friday but I know some of you will be out there battling the weather to get back and... Read More

  1. by   nurturing_angel
    Even though I was scheduled off all week I did end up going in for a few hours Tuesday night. I could have said no but its hard to stay home knowing that your department has 3 labor pts and a fresh delivery and only 2 nurses. ER's entire staff called off.....don't know what they ended up doing about that. The 2 mile drive to work and back was nerve wracking but I made it. Today was bright and sunny and the majority of the ice is off the truck now. But the trees are still covered and boy were they beautiful in the sunlight. May have more snow this weekend but hopefully not this much.
    Glad we all made it safely though the weekend.