Which Ivy Tech is best?

  1. I am going to be applying to several Ivy Techs in Jan 08 for the summer LPN-RN transition program.
    Does anyone have any preferences between Columbus or Indianapolis? I heard that you have to drive basically all over the state for the one in Columbus to go to clinicals while the one in Indy is better.

    Anyone have any opinions?
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  3. by   WickedRedRN
    Well, I am biased, as I am a grad of Columbus PN program. But, I chose to go there rather than Indy, and I live in Indy. I did have to drive to Columbus for my classes, my clinicals were in Franklin at Johnson Memorial and the Methodist Home. I did have to go to Columbus Regional for OB/Peds.

    My suggestion is to go to both campus information sessions and get a feel for the faculty there. If you want more info on why I chose one over the other, feel free to PM me.
  4. by   Innurse78
    I pm'd you but havent heard anything yet.
    Anyone who has had experience with these 2 Ivy Techs, I sure would appreciate any info before I apply. Thanks!
  5. by   WickedRedRN
    Just sent you a PM and email..been working my 12's and clinicals so I am just now catching up, sorry!
  6. by   IndyMitchell
    I have completed all of my pre-classes in Indy and would love to go to Indy for RN, but wasn't excepted. I was excepted to Columbus and I am happy with that. They are a small friendly campus..... friendly and small,,,, is the key to happiness I think. Indy would have saved my gas $$. oh well
    good luck
  7. by   FireFly07
    I attend the Columbus campus and I'm in my first semester for the RN program. For the most part it's a great program-there just seems to be so much chaos this first semester-but we've been told that it will be better after this. All in all I really like it and the people though.
  8. by   IndyMitchell
    Thanks for the good news...... Do you work and go to school??
  9. by   jackson145
    I don't know much about how the transition program works. I'm getting ready to start the RN program at Ivy Tech in Bloomington. What I do know, is that our advisors tell us that we should always apply to Columbus as well as Bloomington because they don't have the huge volume of applicants that Bloomington is apparently getting. For me Columbus would be a major drive (and my car is a piece of crap!) so I'm glad I got in at Bloomington. I was told that for Spring '08 there were 700 applicants and only 10 were accepted.
  10. by   IndyMitchell
    :smiley_abWOW they are getting as big as Indy it sounds like. I applied at Bloomington but didn't get in.. Good luck and get ready for the craziness. Keep me in mind if you want to talk sounds like we should be taking the same classes at the same time..
  11. by   Innurse78
    In Bloomington, the amounts of transition LPN -RN that were accepted and will graduate in 08 was 22. And they have not selected any yet for spring 08 yet because the due date for apps is not until Feb 1st/08. My friend that I work with got in @ B-town this past May with 2 A's, 2B's and an 80 on the TEAS. She has been an LPN for 16 years and had all her pre and co-reqs done before applying. According to the one person I spoke to @ B-town IVY tech, the nursing chair, they DO look and see if the transition students have their co-reqs done. It means the student can then concentrate on the clinicals more, have more time off to study and you can also work too as you only have clinical days one day a week for the 1st semester and the last semester. She said it shows the selection committee that you are very committed to getting your degree by having the co-req's completed.

    At Columbus, last year they accepted 60 LPN-RN transition students but this year this said they will likely only be accepting approx 30-40.
    You are correct in stating that Bloomington is very competative to get into but they look at more than just the TEAS and pre-req's.....they look at the whole package. And this coming year will likely be even more competative since Bloomington Hospital is not hiring any LPN's for in-hospital work any longer, just their off site nursing facilities. And the LPN's that ARE there, are going back to school to upgrade to their RN. The next 2 years will be applications with be overwhelming for the school!
  12. by   IndyMitchell
    :spin:so are you going to be in the LPN to RN or the traditional RN program?
    I start the traditional RN program in Jan 08 in Columbus.
  13. by   Innurse78
    I'm going into the transition program LPN-RN. I am already an LPN. ) My course won't start until May 08. )
  14. by   jackson145
    I think that's why they only put 10 in the traditional RN program. They're saving a bunch of spots for transition students. I know they work pretty close with Bloomington hospital and they have a lot of employees that they want in the program.
    I'm going to have my co-reqs done before I start the actual nursing classes. I think I'll have my hands full enough without taking anything extra during the program.

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