Which is better Valpo or Purdue Calumet?

  1. I am currently a student a Purdue Calumet with a 4.0 GPA. I am thinking about transferring to Valparaiso University because of all the hassle with general studies at Purdue. I now only need CHEM 119, A&PI and A&P II in order to apply to the Nursing program at Purdue (or sit on the waiting list), however there is a certain sequence in order to take these last courses and they want to add unnecessary course on top of it just to make sure I remain fulltime! I can take my CHEM 119 @ Purdue, while taking A&PI at South Suburban, in the summer I can take A&PII and start nursing courses at Valparaiso. Any suggestions on which school is better, I can not apply to the nursing program @ Purdue until Spring 2009, which means I will have to take MORE courses that are unnecessary (ie: theater,whatever). Any suggestions, I have already spoken with the Dean of Nursing at Valparaiso and I was told as long as I stick to my plan, I would defintely be allowed to transfer and start classes in Fall 2008. It was also suggested I transfer now to Valparaiso instead of waiting, as they have already outlined a plan of study for me to make sure I am taking courses in Fall 2008. Purdue just tacks on so many unnecessary courses.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  3. by   winnieander
    Hi CC ER 73

    Did u end up going to Valpo or Purdue? I am attending the ABSN program in May and would like to know how the instructors are like, classes.. etc if anyone has any helpful input.