Where and how did you get your nursing license?

  1. I live in NWI and I will be starting CNA soon and while I do that I want to go to school to get my nursing degree (want to start by next fall), is that possible? To work and go to school for nursing or is it really hard?
    Im hoping to find a job working for a hospital so I they will pay for it, if I do that do they do the classes through the hospital or do you just find a school that they pay for? If I could get any info or motivating stories from you all that would be great Thanks
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  3. by   csab
    Most nursing programs have several pre-reqs you have to complete before starting, and also several co-reqs that have to be completed by the time you finish nursing school. I'm not in nursing school yet but I've heard that it is difficult to work while in nursing school but certainly not impossible. If you are totally starting out from scratch, you might be able to finish your school's pre-reqs in time to start next fall, but you should definitely look at the websites of schools you are interested in to learn more. I don't think there are many hospital-based nursing diploma programs out there anymore. Try the Ivy Tech campuses near you.
  4. by   kgle
    If you are wanting to start by next fall and have no pre reqs completed yet, you will want to start this semester. You need psych 101, engl 111, aphy 101 and 102 before you can apply. You also need to take your TEAS test before the application is due as well (which is April 1st I believe). Well this is all for Ivy Tech...sorry I keep forgetting there are others out there!

    As for tuition reimbursement, I don't believe that you can just find a hospital and see if they pay for school. I think they only pay a portion of your loan money and that is after graduation. You also must sign on to work for a set amount of time. It is extremely hard to get on at a hospital right now with no license, unless you are a licensed CNA.

    I know people who have worked through nursing school but its definitely hard especially if you have children or a family. You can do what you put your mind to! All students are able to work as student nurses after they have completed 1 semester of clinicals, and I know I am planning on doing that.
  5. by   Aongroup1990
    Yes, You would have to take all of those 4 pre requisits. It can be competitive. You must pass that TEAS Test before you get in. Just focus on the test , and once you get your RN license start out small and work in a rehab or nursing home. Or work in an agency they get paid more.