PDA for Ivy Tech nursing program

  1. I hope to start the ASN at Ivy Tech Richmond in August and I'm thinking of saving up for a PDA. I know IU requires one, but I don't think Ivy Tech does. Does anyone know if it would be helpful? If so, what kind and what software is best? Thanks!

    P.S. I posted a similar message in the student section of allnurses, but I'm not too sure how all this works so I thought I'd post both places! lol
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  3. by   Innurse78
    Ivy Tech does not require students to have a PDA. The only benefit you would get from it is looking up drugs/interactions/diseases but you would not be able to ultilize it during any kind of tests at the school.
    I have only seen med students carry these.

    They are quite expensive, aren't they?
  4. by   NICU_nurse2b
    I went to Ivy Tech Lafayette and purchased a PDA. (not required) I found it very helpful in looking info up on meds, diseases, procedures etc. I did not need to carry these books with me to clinicals. I purchased a high end model (at the time), palm Live Drive and purchased nursing central. (Im still paying for it, student loans!!) A lower priced model would have worked just as well for me, however. I was able to download homework to it and work on it from where ever I was at. Once my kids were playing at a McDonalds and I was able to get online and finish up a research project. Once you get a job, some hospitals let you download patient information, such as labs etc. (obviously at work only) I never go anywhere without it. LOVE it!!
  5. by   Innurse78
    If you don't mind me asking, what are those things worth with all the necessary downloads?
  6. by   JaimeS
    I was also thinking about getting a PDA. I have read where they can be very beneficial to students and nurses. I am thinking about getting the PALM TX. My parents have one and I have played around with it some. I know the Tabers encyclopedia and Davis drug guide are supposed to be good but I am not sure what else. I know IVY Tech does not require them from what I have heard, but do they mind if students have them? A lot of information can be put into that little machine compared to all the books we would have to carry.
  7. by   Innurse78
    The instructors here will not let you carry a PDA around. You can use it at home, not in clinicals nor the school.
    If they see you without books using a PDA in classes, you in heap big stink Tonto
  8. by   Lennonninja
    I'm definitely going to get a PDA once I get into the program
  9. by   JaimeS
    Which Ivy tech do you attend Mrs. Frog? If that is the case with Richmond then there is no reason to buy one.
  10. by   Innurse78
    I attend Bloomington Ivy Tech as a part time student. I start full time transitional next month.
    I have several friends in the ASN who passed this tidbit of info to me.
    I also have several friends at IU and they say their instructors encourage them to carry a PDA.

    All depends on the rules of that particular college/Ivy Tech.
    Just because they are all Ivy Tech does not mean all the rules are the same.
    I would ask the nursing chair where you attend/will attend.
  11. by   littlemamakt

    I just got a Treo 680 for $100 with a new AT&T cell contract. You can actually get it free if you want the $30 monthly data plan.

    I ordered it online. If anyone wants to know the website, email me privately because I don't think that is allowed on here.

  12. by   JaimeS
    I found a good deqal on a plam tx on ebay the other day. It was brand new and came with a preloaded SD card full of medical software like the Davis drug guide and tabers Medical encyclopedia. There are over 40 programs. I ended up doing a best offer and got it for $325 so that is a heck of a deal considering the palm almost cost that much and then there is almost $1300 in software on the card. Just make sure you go with a trustworthy seller.
  13. by   TraumaQueen23
    I go to Ivy and I see no use for a PDA. A laptop for class helps though.