Operating Room nursing jobs for new grads

  1. I'm in my seconds semester of my ASN program (graduate December, 2013) and I'm very interested in working in the OR after I graduate. I've seen the Community Hospital offers a training program for RNs with no OR experience, and the job posting says they will consider new grads.

    Has anyone had any experience with this program? If so, is it hard to get accepted? Competitive, etc.? I'd love to work at Community, but I'm also open to just about any hospital... I just want to be in the OR. Are there any other hospitals offering this training in Indianapolis?

    It's discouraging to think that this is the only entry-level program available with all the hospitals and schools in this city. To think that I won't be able to get the training if one particular hospital decides not to hire me....
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  3. by   kayytaa
    I know personally that IU Health University Hospital offers their patient care interns an opportunity to jump right into the OR as new grads. I would try to start networking and maybe snatch up a student position in the OR in order to secure a spot.
  4. by   mmills63
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that IU Health was seeking magnet status and wasn't hiring ASN nurses...
  5. by   Lennonninja
    At least 1 IU Health already has magnet, and if an ASN is hired, they must sign a contract to have their BSN within 5 years. This may not go for all of IU Health though.
  6. by   mmills63
    I like to come back to these threads and give updates; maybe it'll help someone else searching for information. I graduated in December, took NCLEX two weeks ago (and passed), and yesterday I interviewed at IU Health (Methodist) for an OR Internship. The recruiters called me back today with a job offer! I can't believe it; it's a dream come true! I'm signing the contract tomorrow, and start the 6-month orientation in Feb! I actually did it!
  7. by   ssimmsrn
    mmills63 - Congrats on the new job! I am writing to ask if you have any pointers for looking for a job as a new grad. I moved to Indy a few months ago from Chicago, where I went to nursing school and graduated with my BSN in May. I have been working in LTC until I find a position in a hospital but it has been very difficult, especially since I don't have any connections in this city. Did you do anything in addition to just applying online to make yourself stand out? Any pointers would be a huge help! Thank you!
  8. by   mmills63
    Apply through the major hospital's websites; sell yourself to the recruiters and the nurse managers... Preach teamwork, communication, and customer service; that's what they're looking for. You don't need to know anybody; my wife is an RN, so is her sister and my cousin. The none of them work or know anyone at the hospital I got hired into.
  9. by   MissHamhead

    I am being invited back for my second interview to do the 6 month Periop program here in Colorado. I was just wondering what kind of questions they asked you in your interview. I am a bit nervous about my panel interview.


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