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Any advice is appreciated re: NW IN hospitals hiring new grads. The economy has really hurt our market too (it's kind of discouraging when people keep saying "'re so lucky you're in... Read More

  1. by   chocolateskye
    I have interviewed with methodist twice! Both times I was one of maybe twenty applying for the same one position and both times the positions went to some one else. My last interview was with *** *****? I think on the Med surg oncology unit. I have called several times since then and found out that they gave the position to some one else but she really liked me and feels that I belong there so, I was told that they will be floating my resume around to other departments...........we will see Im still waiting
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  2. by   chocolateskye
    Quote from darimom
    Hi Chocolateskye- LOVE that name! I believe Methodist Southlake is hiring now - it's a bit rough for a new grad where I'm at but I'm learning ALOT - accessing ports, pulling central lines etc - I'd be happy to send you more info if interested - let me know!

    Thanks! It sounds like you are working in the IMCU or TELE area and what you described sounds wonderful and stressfull all at the same time! lol! Yes please send me more information, I need all the help that I cant get!
  3. by   chocolateskye
    I have finally found a job working on a tele/imcu unit at Methodist hospital southlake campus! Yay Me!
  4. by   Pembroke21
    Hey all, Congrats on the job!! I am in the same position you were in...May grad still looking for a job If anyone has any info that could help me I would appreciate it.
  5. by   winnieander
    Hi everyone,

    I see that this thread is from 2009 and am wondering if anyone knows what's the starting salary for RN at Methodist? Thank you.
  6. by   chocolateskye
    As far as how much they paid an hour it varies depending on your experience level for me with no prior experience if I can remember I started off at 23 or 24 an hour. I met another new grad that was hired for the oncology unit that I was turned down for she was white and she told me they started her off at 25.50 an hour so just to give you a guesstimation of what to expect. Good luck to you I hope you find your dream job!
  7. by   wannabanrnin2012
    @ Chocolateskye

    I see that you got the job back in September of 2009. How long did you work there before the termination?
  8. by   chocolateskye
    I barely made it 90 days. I really dont think I saw 90 days?All that I can say is I am glad they let me go and I didnt have to endure the tourture anymore?
  9. by   winnieander
    Thanks for your response Chocolateskye. Sorry to hear about your experience at Methodist. I've heard mixed reviews about the hospitals.... *sigh* Are you now working at a different hospitals here in NWI?
  10. by   chocolateskye
    I have been warned about my comments here on the board and I clearly understand why. I feel it is important to be free to express your experience be it good or bad, but at the same time you never know who it is your communicating with on these sites as people are very quick to hide who they are. (Im not one of those) Nurses can be petty and mean for no reason other than they can and what are you gonna do about it? So with that in mind knowing that the nursing world can be a small one, I wont continue to give them the fuel they need to be petty even though I feel no fuel is really needed.
  11. by   medic6070
    I have 30 + years of experience in pre-hospital EMS. 11 of those years as a paramedic. I got my ASN from Ivy Tech Valpo last May and passed the NCLEX the first time last Sept. Since then I have had 6 interviews and no offers! I had my second interview with Porter last night for a ED position and the interviewer said he was passing the interview notes along to the ED unit head with a positive recomendation. Things are tough out there. Facilities I spoke with prior to passing boards told me "call back after passing NCLEX". Just try to network during clinicals and keep your ears and eyes open for oportunities. My instructors were also a good source of information about positions where they worked and also references/reccomendations during the hiring process. Good luck!
  12. by   chocolateskye
    I found it very hard to find and secure a nursing job as a new grad and still do. There is alot of mis information out there about job opportunities for new nurses. People are taking out these huge loans and sticking it out through clinicals competing in these dog eat dog type situations, just to find out the real shortage is with experienced nurses and no one wants to hire new grads because who wants to pay two Rn's for the work of one? And on top of that no company wants to grow a new nurse no one will pull you to the side and educate a new nurse on real world nursing culture, how protective you have to be and how it is really like highschool, what is nurse retention and job satisfaction, or security? Does it only exsist in books? What nurse remembers who gave them their golden opportunity to practice and that "She" did not know it all? How many remember the journey they traveled to become the competent professionals they are now? Just keep looking hopefully there is a job out there just for you and I hope you find your thing in nursing since there are so many different avenues for us out there. I wish you nothing but the best goodluck medic6070.
  13. by   lisa0615
    where are you working now?

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