1. Hello my fellow future indiana nurses!!!

    I am happy to inform you that I have passed the NCLEX-RN with 75 questions. I am posting because I believe I have info that can be of great value to all new grads who are prepping for NCLEX-RN!!

    1. Focus on what you do not know or your weaknesses. I used the RN test plan on the nsbsn website to focus on topics I have not mastered.

    2. Purchase Uworld access. Complete all of the questions and read each rationale. Do not worry about how many you got wrong or your score. Focus on why the correct answer is the CORRECT answer.

    3. Redo questions that you got incorrect. This time you should easily pick the correct answer if you understand the rationales.

    4. Take the uworld simulation test. This test will definitely boost your confidence for the nclex. Go over content that you missed.

    5. Take the NCLEX-RN. Read each question carefully. Breathe. Think about each answer. Select the correct answer. Do not change your answer unless you are 100% sure that is the CORRECT answer.

    I followed these steps with success. I know you all will too. Have faith and confidence in yourself. You got through nursing school you can get through this. KICKASS!! Show NCLEX-RN you have mastered the material!!!


    Your future fellow nurse 😉
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  3. by   Leadkrm
    Thanks. I appreciate this info. I won't be done with my program until 05/2018. I hope I will be able to use this info in the future
  4. by   LCC6133
    Do good in your course work, take a review class and NCLEX should be a breeze.