Michigan License?

  1. Has anyone with an IN license applied for a MI license? I've been told that I pay my $50 fee, apply for the license and I'll have it in a couple weeks. But all I can find on the MI website is an app where you have to show test results and proof of grad.

    I'm lost and could use some help!

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  3. by   kids
    on their main page: lara - nursing
    near the top of the page is the sub-section "nurse licensing forms and applications" the 8th thing on the list is the lpn & rn endorsement packet. that is all the forms and everything you need to know about getting a license in mi if you're already licensed in another state.

    from the looks of it it's not as simple as paying your $54 and submitting an application, mi also requires finger printing.

    from their website:
    lara - how long does it take to process my application?

    your application is considered complete once we have received your application packet, fee, and additional documents such as university transcripts, verifications from other states, or test scores. upon receipt of all required documents, your application will be reviewed, approved, and your license will be issued. this process generally takes 6 to 8 weeks. if there are delays in receiving transcripts, verifications or test scores, or the information submitted is incomplete, the process may take longer.
  4. by   xoemmylouox
    It is not that easy sorry to say. You have to pay Michigan's fee (if I recall it was more than $50 that I paid for MI). Then you have to verify your license through Indiana (Indiana charges a fee). I believe there is finger printing (another fee), verification of transcripts (another fee) , etc. Start the process now, because it does take some time, and some money.