Medtech: RN or LPN?

  1. I am very new here

    So I got accepted to Medtech, big deal right, and now I have a burning question...

    I am very aware that MT is a for profit school, I accept that. I originally wanted to do RN but then got to thinking... I can do LPN and be done quicker as well as not spending as much money at the for profit school. Then I could get a job, maybe, and continue with school somewhere else(ie. cheaper) to get the RN while working as a lpn.

    I could do what the nice admissions people($$$) said and just do the extra 6 months and come out an RN and "actually get a job". Can you not get a job as a lpn?

    A little about me:
    I have the ultimate goal of being a PA one day, soon cause I am no spring chicken anymore. I absolutely want a BSN from like iupui or something before leaving for my intermidiate dream job of traveling nurse outside the US. I have military support/money for school. I would also like to be a nurse in the Army so I can finally be a commisioned officer.

    Either way I would have to continue on with a bridge program to get an accredited college degree. That way I could get experience then do a PA program later down the road.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   wannabanrnin2012
    Just to put this out there in case you didn't already know, there's an LPN-to-BSN bridge program at ISU. So, if you did want to go on ahead and just get your LPN, you'd be able to do that and still end up with your BSN and be qualified to sit for the NCLEX-RN without having to do an LPN to RN program first...(if that helps at all)
  4. by   JustFlyAwayNow
    Ya thanks. I knew about that ISU program but it seems like it would take a while to complete..
    I did just find out that I can likely change my Army reserve job to LPN, then it would be FREE. But that would be 52 weeks of active army training... I dont care for the active army too much.

    I am in the system at medtech as a RN student but I can change it to LPN for a few more weeks.
  5. by   wannabanrnin2012
    Well, since you can't get around having to take the extra courses anyway (if you're wanting the BSN, you're eventually gonna have to take those same courses sometime from somewhere, so the timeline is actually pretty much identical) I'm assuming then that it's just a matter of deciding how soon you need to be making a certain amount of money. If an LPN wage would suffice while you were in the process of obtaining a BSN, then I'd personally just go for the LPN, especially since MedTech is only up for NLNAC accreditation for that license (click here if you'd like to read about the implications of not having NLNAC or CCNE accreditation NON NLN or CCNE accredited schools - Nursing for Nurses ), and then I'd go do an LPN-to-BSN program. I'd do that because it'd be less hassle to complete only two programs as opposed to (potentially) three; and again, because from what it seems like people have been saying, MedTech is pretty expensive for not having even any intention of gaining national accreditation for its RN program ( If I needed to make RN money sooner rather than later, assuming hospitals were only interested in RN licensure, then I'd for sure go for the RN option first. Even if by chance I'd have to retake some of the classes, I'd at least have the means to do so. Also, I'm not sure what the prerequisites are for the PA programs, but if they're anything like the ones for the CRNA programs I've been researching, you'll need to take extra classes on top of the ones required for your BSN. So, it could work to your benefit to start at a four year institution sooner rather than later so that you can stretch those classes out over a longer period of time instead of having to stretch YOURSELF thin trying to finish the extras up in less time.

    In the end, though, that's just my . Obviously, only you know what's best for you I wish you the best of luck with it all!
  6. by   JustFlyAwayNow
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I think I am ok with the LPN pay while I continue school, but I really have no idea what an LPN makes in Indianapolis. I assume something like $15 an hour at a nursing home. I am also concerned about going for the RN at medtech without that accreditation. I always assumed that if I did the RN that I would go do a bridge to BSN and that a potential employer would see that I graduated from an accredited BSN program and be cool with it. What school would they look at? RN or BSN? I think the RN at medtech is almost twice as much money than the LPN.

    The quicker I could be an RN and be a traveling nurse the better.
  7. by   MsMoore131
    The only main thing I'd consider right now is that since you are interested in moving up higher in your education, MedTech is not a school that most universities (ISU, IUPUI, Ball State, etc) accept credits from. They do have a transfer agreement with Indiana Westlyan which is also quite expensive, but with that agreement you still have to redo alot of your general ed classes which would in turn take more time and cost more $$. As far as being done faster Med Tech would probably be a great idea but it might cost you some time in the long run...Just some info! Good Luck!
  8. by   nicoleray

    I just wanted to let you know that I went to one of Med Tech's info sessions and they may make it sound like a good program and all, but non- transferable credits (well maybe only to a few schools), not accredited, and wow, the price! I almost jumped in wanting LPN so bad to later bridge to RN. But I looked some more and I found an LPN program through J. Everett Light Career Center on 86th st. They are accredited, I think the cost is only around 17,000 vs med techs 40,000! It is an accelerated program as well 15 months?? and just as med tech you are going to have clinical spot. They have great passing rates and I think about a 97% placerate during your last semester. Oh and will give you many other options to bridge. The first semester you only go 8am to noon then I think 7am to 3pm the other semesters. There classes start in Jan. and Aug. I am currently waiting to see if I will be accepted for Jan 2011, My Teas score wasn't all that great, but they were passing so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying. I think they even take some credits if you have some, but I do know for Jan. 2011 the teas has to be taken before the 30th of Nov. If you don't mind me asking what were you teas scores to be accepted to med tech? I hope this helps a little because I'm really glad I found an alternative to med tech, and the amount of debt I would have.
  9. by   JustFlyAwayNow

    J. Everett Light is accredited by the IN BON and that's it! So They are in the same boat as medtech as far as accreditation goes. The program there is 18 months compared to medtechs 15. The biggest issue with me is class schedule. Medtech has evening classes and that is what I want. LPN at medtech is roughly $25k, which I have military money for so it is not a huge concern for me. Since starting this thread I have talked with a few LPN's here locally and they agree with me: As long as you know and understand the accreditation basics then medtech is not all that bad. Just don't fall for their "pitch" hook line and sinker.

    I have completely decided against going to medtech for RN. The reason is simple, it's not accredited. I am OK with that for LPN but not RN. I will do a LPN to RN bridge like everyone else from an accredited institution.

  10. by   nicoleray
    i too want to bridge to rn, thats why i didn't go with medtech only having one choice of school they have a contract with. j everett light does not offer rn, but it does keep options open to bridge. check out these sites i hope they help and i wish you the best in making a decision that works for you!



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