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Does anyone know anything about these colleges? I am looking around for various nursing programs. I would like to attend Ivy Tech but it seems really competitive!! I already have a B.S. in child... Read More

  1. by   StartingOverNow
    I don't know much about Med Tech or IBC, but ITT Tech is in the same class as these others. 3 of the major hospital systems in Indy WILL NOT hire students, or graduates from any of these schools. So be CAREFUL when you are looking. Their credits DO NOT tranfer to other colleges or universities and you end up paying $45,000 for your Associate degree. I quit after going to ITT for a year. It is riduculous the amount they charge and the gen ed courses are a JOKE!!
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  2. by   chickacherrycola
    Make sure that IBC is accredited... I heard of some college like that in indiana... im not sure if it was IBC or ITT Tech... that wasn't accredited yet and something *scandalous* happened and a bunch of teachers are leaving and the students may or may not get reimbursed... etc etc etc
    just make sure that your college is accredited... and maybe even look into a program where you can get your BSN! I go to Indiana State University and there are a lot of people in my classes who have previous degrees...
    think of it this way... if it sounds too good to be true...
    good luck!
  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   matilda123
    Be vary careful about those technical schools like Brown Mackie and Medtech, their credits do not transfer to any accredited school. They charge a huge amount of money, and you cannot use their credits to further your education in the future. I know 2 people who lost alot of time and money to Brown Mackie and Kaplan, with nothing to show for it, having to retake all of their classes at Ivy Tech and Valporaiso U. Some colleges have waiting lists, but you can use that time to complete pre and co reqs. I had to wait a year to be accepted, but now am entering the RN program in the spring with only core classes to take.