LPN to BSN from ISU

  1. Anyone heard about or is going through this new program from Indiana State University from The College Network. And if so, what do they mean when they say "completing your clinicals with a local preceptor"?

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  3. by   Chevelle
    I have not heard anything about it, but here is the website for their distance education. I am not to sure that it was helpful, but I filled out the info. request form and if we haven't heard from anyone else by the time it gets here, I will let you know what it says! I am interested in it also!

  4. by   Chevelle
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  5. by   Chevelle
    I received the package today and here is the number and website for you:



    It looks good...let me know what you think! Good Luck!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i know someone who is going this route. she gave me brief information about this new program for lpn-bsn. i see chevelle has posted the number and website.
  7. by   J Lynn
    I wonder if it's a money-grabber type of thing. I don't want to dive into it until I figure out why they offer LPN to BSN but no other online colleges do. Is it legit?
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    lynn, from what i understand, this is a new program. it allows lpns to obtain their degree "online". you will do your clinical in the city/state in which you live and it can take up to 3 1/2 year [ at your pace]. as i stated, i don't have first hand information but the person who told me this is going this route.

    maybe you should call and verify your concerns. all the best as you embark upon your rn degree.
  9. by   J Lynn
    Thank you, I would like to hear from more people going this route. Being that it's new, I may just have to jump in and see for myself.
    faq link for more information.

    for the college network's university partners.

    hope this helps ~ cheers!

    wouldn't ya know it....they came out with this new program *after* i've done the traditional bsn thingy ....oh well.
  12. by   Chevelle
    Quote from J Lynn
    I wonder if it's a money-grabber type of thing. I don't want to dive into it until I figure out why they offer LPN to BSN but no other online colleges do. Is it legit?
    I think it is, but you would have to see. I say fill out the info. form for the program. It only took a couple days for me to get it in the mail & it is so much better to have it in hard copy.
  13. by   Chevelle
    Ok, now that I have more time to type, let me tell you what the info tells me.

    The College Network has teamed up with major universities to help non-traditional students obtain associte's, bachelor's and master's degrees. They have "partnership in education" agreements with several universities that allow students to transfer course work and "test-out" after using study guides. This covers most, if not all, of the general education/eletive course work.

    Now on to the LPN-BSN:

    I received a letter with the packet that states,

    "Indiana State University Offers the First Distance Learning LPN to BSN Degree Program

    Terre Haute, IN, April 23, 2004-Today the Board of Trustees of Indiana State University approved a new baccalaureate degree program for Licensed Practical Nurses ("LPN") that can be completed through distance learning. Indiana State University is working exclusively with The College Network to promote this program.....This new degree program is the first and only of its kind, offering baccalaureate degree program for non-registered nurses entirely through distance learning. The program is 124 credit hours in total and encompasses 450 clinical hours.

    Students compelete these clinical hours by working with a preceptor in their local area. The College Network and Indiana State University are working with the National Nursing Preceptor Network, Sigma Theta Tau International, Nursing Knowledge International, and several other nursing organizations in order to help find preceptors for students in this program....LPNs can enroll in the program now."

    Here is some more info as quoted, "All upper level nursing courses are completed through ISU online at a more traditional, semester based pace. There is no travel required during any phase of the program-even clinical projects can be completed in your local community. These same clinical projects replace all clinical testing required for graduation."

    "Indiana State University School of Nursing is fully acredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission"

    Admissions: You must apply and be granted admissions to the University as a degree seeking student, have proof of current licensure as a licensed practical/vocational nurse in the U.S. and have completed a practical nursing program of study from a state-accredited community college, vocational or technical school or NLN accredited institution.

    Well, I hope this helps. I think it sounds great. Okay, I will go away now...(I have posted WAY to much here :chuckle )
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  14. by   J Lynn
    Thanks for the info, Chevelle. I does sound great. I just didn't want it to be too good to be true. I'm sure you get your BSN at the end, but I didn't want some crazy requirements to pop up mid way.......ya know.

    I'll definitly look into it, thanks again.
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