Loving Care Agency

  1. Anyone working for them? I would like some insight into this company. How are they to work for? Pay? Flexibility? General feelings regarding doing homecare for them. Thanks.
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  3. by   kgle
    This may be a dumb question, but is it Tender Loving Care? Or just Loving Care?
  4. by   infantRN
    It is " Loving Care Agency", they do pediatric home care.
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    I have not worked for them, but I have heard first hand from other nurses who do work for them.. I have only heard good things, unlike many of the other homecare agencies.
  6. by   SexyLatinPaNurse
    Well I do work for Loving Care Agency but I guess your perception on what you think of the company depends on what office (region) you will be working for.

    I don't mind the hours.. it's pretty good, the paperwork is ok.. the clinical supervisor in my area sucks.. she never does a patient assessment, she never checks the patient, she's lazy and makes the nurses call all the doctors for orders - even the overnight nurses. She is not reliable and the scheduler never gives nurses hours unless she likes you.

    They fail to staff cases out of spite - if the clinical supervisor and the scheduler don't like you they won't give you hours. they would rather leave the case without coverage than to give a nurse they don't like hours.

    They are rude and quite often very nosy into the lives of the nurses.. I have had my clinical supervisor tell me I must be getting too many hours if I can afford a lexus. I also own two seperate businesses aside from doing nursing.

    I have worked doubles for over 2 weeks everyday and have done 7 days a week for a year straight and still get no recognition for it.

    their tuition reimbursement sucks.. it's $500 per year. their benefits for EMPLOYEES are ok.. but their family plan costs so much that its easier to just pay privately ..

    As for equipment they are shabby at providing it - at best.

    They do provide you with lots of bags, cups etc with their logo tho..

    their referral and sign on bonuses are almost non existent and when they do provide it it takes forever to get something

    I would say if you are thinking of working for them in Allentown PA - don't do it.. go through another Agency or another office.

    This one is from what I hear over $60K over-budget
  7. by   lexie5686
    I worked for one in PA. The pay was better than most. However, they refused to pay my PTO time after I was injured driving to a clients home. And they where not flexable with the scheduling.
  8. by   lexie5686
    I also worked for the Allentown office. And yes I agree stay away.
  9. by   xoemmylouox
    I agree I worked through another location than has been listed, but the same problems. The manager talked poorly of employees in front of families, talked poorly about families in front of other families, etc. You could never get the supplies you needed, and we were always out of paperwork. They always stuck me with working the holidays even though another nurse was supposed to take half of them. I would NEVER go back to them.