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hi, i am taking the teas test in feb. or maybe sooner. i currently have a gpa of 4.0. and so far a's in a&p ii and psych that i am taking now online. i'm super nervous about the teas test though!... Read More

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    Quote from 2bNurse Elizabeth
    Do you know anything about uniforms for Richmond? How much are they? Are they available in plus sizes? Some campuses, I've heard, just let you wear scrubs in the appropriate color, but I think I've seen uniforms in Richmond. Do you know?
    I just graduated in December from Richmond Ivy Tech, ASN program. They just recently switched to solid green uniforms for both the PN and ASN programs. For my uniform (they were ugly tan) it was around 90$ for a whole uniform (pants and bottoms), but from what I understood from the greenies (the first year students that wore green uniforms ) the new green uniforms are much cheaper and yes they do have plus size
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