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Does anyone know anything about Ivy Tech's course exclusion policies? I have a couple semesters that I had to pull out of when I was put on bedrest with my last two pregnancies. I ended up with F's... Read More

  1. by   obicurn
    I just took my TEAS today and finally have figured out how to read my scores. I got a 90.6% It says program percentile rank is 98.
    Anyone know if they round up or not at Ivy Tech? I like the sound of 91 a bit better. LOL
    I am applying tomorrow. With all A's in my pre-reqs and my teas score I should be fine. I also have all my co-reqs complete. I'm taking my last two now. Advanced Physiology and Microbiology (which totally suck to take together, btw).

    So now all I can do is apply and wait. And wait. And stalk the mailman. And wait. And stalk. You get the picture!!!

    On or after May 30, right? They better not wait too long after then cause I'll go insane!
  2. by   Innurse78
    FYI On Bloomington for the transitional that starts May 08.
    They had 20 that were accepted, 8 denial letters and 6 on the waiting list.
    And that is ALL that applied there!
    They said they could not believe the lack of applications.
    That was per the nursing chair/teacher I spoke with last week while in for a Micro test.

    Pretty good odds this year! Wonder why???

  3. by   obicurn
    Oh WOW....I wish Indy was that easy!!We are over-run with applicants and not enough spots.
  4. by   Innurse78
    Bigger school In Indy, bigger population..........and B-Town is a college town so most I think head to IU for the BSN program.
    I was accepted at Indy and also Columbus.

    How many spots did Indy have available? There were 60 at Columbus.

  5. by   obicurn
    Im not real sure how many are available. I went to my review session last summer and she said either 30 or 50.....I don't remember. But they admit two classes per year now instead of just one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my TEAS score was good enough to keep me near the top of the list.