IU health and the disappearance of evening shift diff

  1. I heard that IU and Methodist have removed the evening shift diff. Night diff and weekend diff currently remain.

    Is this true? Are there any plans to argue for it back or do you think the market is so saturated that nurses should be happy they're just employed- especially if you're just an ASN RN or diploma RN.

    If this is false, is the possibility likely to occur in the foreseeable future?
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  3. by   kayytaa
    Yes, All of IU Health has removed the evening shift differential. As far as I know there are no plans to return it. IU Health has also implemented a policy where all ASN/diploma nurses must earn their BSN within the next 5 years.
  4. by   shortibynature
    Yes it's true.
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  5. by   rockexrolloh
    Ball still has night shift diff.
  6. by   montecarlo64
    Yes, there is now and has been for a while, an oversaturation of nurses. It is not because of Obama care, like they all claim, but this has been a problem in Indiana for a few years now, and gotten worse with the recession. Lots of unemployed folks entered the health care field
  7. by   Xsited2baNurse
    Yes, it's true. Also, St. Francis got rid of their weekend differential. Healthcare in Indiana is tough right now.