Indiana Wesleyan University nursing program

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Indiana Wesleyan University and their nursing program in Marion Indiana.. Is it competitive to get into and do they have a waiting list.. Thanks for any info..
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  3. by   HARRN2b
    Is it an ADN or BSN program?? Do they have an accelerated BSN?

  4. by   new_mom26
    Its a BSN program..
  5. by   SchoolRN,BSN

    They do have an accelerated BSN program starting in July 2007. I just received an email from Karen Hoffman, program coordinator this week with the following information:

    Applications will hopefully be accepted in December with notifications going out in March. Cost of the program is currently set at $31,499 for 63 credit hours of instruction. May be a bit more or less as final decisions are made. Pre-reqs should be completed by May if possible.

    Good luck to all who apply.
  6. by   new_mom26
    Do you know if it is competitive to get into their traditional bsn program?
  7. by   SchoolRN,BSN
    Sorry, I don't really know. You could probably call Karen & ask. She was very helpful when I talked to her.

    Another option might be IU Kokomo. They are expanding their BSN program quite a bit (double?) next year because they are getting rid of their ASN program. Morris Starkey, nursing coordinator, is who you need to talk to at IUK. I have several friends in it. It is an excellent program & the cost is very reasonable. I would imagine competition wouldn't be as big an issue next year since they are expanding so much. Campus phone number is 765-453-2000.

    Good luck to you.
  8. by   pinksimon
    The traditional program isn't competitive at all, all you have to do is maintain your GPA, I think you have to keep a 2.75 in your nursing classes.
  9. by   destinedReeN
    I just spoke with Barbara Ihrke at IWU, and it is definitely true what Pinksi said. They have no waitlist and as long as you have A&P I and II, Micro, and Chem completed by May 31st, 2007. They will have a spot for you in the Fall. I was told they have no program limit.

    Now, I have all other core classes including Chemistry completed. I have took an abbreviated version of A&P in both my MA and EMT diploma programs. I really want to start the nursing sequence in Fall,2007. Does anyone think I could take A&P I and II along with Micro? i know it would be hard, but I am a very bright student, and I am willing to do whatever takes. I would appreciate all feedback.
  10. by   new_mom26
    Have you thought about taking the CLEP test to get college credits for those classes? I would think that would be really easy but, you should probably check with the college before taking the test.. I know that people in the military use CLEP tests to get credits for college.. It would be worth checking out.. Ivy Tech use to offer Clep testing once a month and you had to pay a testing fee and you could only take 1 test at a time.. You can get books at barnes and noble book stores on the clep test.. Just an idea.. also there is a website that gives you the isbn numbers for the books to use to study for the subject that you want to take a test in.. Hope this helps..
  11. by   CantWait2Nurse
    Is this a program for LPN transition or to BSN or is it open to anybody who has taken the pre-reqs?
  12. by   new_mom26
    I think anyone can take it.. I would just call and ask the college you are thinking about attending to see if they will accept the credits.. Also, it might be worth doing a search for more info on the clep tests..
  13. by   destinedReeN
    It's a BSN program. And if you have taken the required pre-reqs your in.
  14. by   IndyGal
    Oh, wow, I'm glad I read this. I didn't know Indiana Wesleyan was starting up an accelerated program.