I passed the PSB!!!

  1. I took my PSB test on Wednesday night and I was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had flunked it. The instructor told us that only 30% of people taking itwill pass. Leaving that night I felt as thought I had flunked it based on the amout of answers I guessed because I had no idea what the correct answer was. To my to surprise I found I today that I had passed. 15 people took the test and 4 passed (including myself). So my question is since the PSB is the same all the way across the board I was wondering if my PSB scores would transfer to another school. I took the test at Medtech but Im not positive I can afford to go to school at Medtech even with the help of financial aid. They have a spot for me to start in January in the LPN class( they only have 4 people in the January program so far) but that is alot of money, but If I start in Jan/07 I will graduate in 3/08. I hate to pass up a opportunity people at Ivy Tech would kill far but I dont know. Does does anyone know if schools accept transfer PSB scores or do you have to take it through them?
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    Congrats to you too, I took the test the same night and wondering which person you are LOL. I was also for sure that I did not pass and was surprised to get "the call". Now just trying to figure how to come up with the rest of my tuition that loans don't cover. See ya in class <wink>
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