I cant figure out how to use allnurses.com!

  1. Help!

    I just joined allnurses.com just to find out if Indiana has a "Methodist Hospital" web site like other states do!

    I also wanted / needed to know IF Indy's Methodist Hospital is still a Level 1 Trauma Center!!!!

    Please bear with me. I am surely lost! If this isnt in the right place please copy & paste it to the right place.

    I had breast cancer, surgery, chemo, radiation, & horrid side effects. At the 6 year mark last month....I was diagnosed with "chemo brain", which is having some brain damage as a result of having chemo.

    It's very hard to be yourself 1 day but not the next!

    I can't remember...even yesterday! Please, anyone...
    let me know about Indiana's Methodist Hospital & it's trauma status.

    I am wesanut@aol.com

    also, if you would...email me this & the answer, and please send in the email anything that will show me how to get back to this thread. Thank you very much!


    seriously forgetful
    11-09-06 6:10 am Thursday
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  3. by   dawn1971
    Methodist is part of clarian. Go to www.clarian.org
  4. by   CantWait2Nurse

    Yes Indianapolis does have a Methodist Hospital and it is one of the two level one trauma hospitals in the city. The other hospital is Wishard Memorial Hospital. If you get on www.clarian.com it will give you all of the information about all the hospitals in their network. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! If you look along the top right of each page, there is a gray toolbar. Click on the Help tab to access several resources to get you started here, including a helpful video.

    Best of luck to you!

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