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hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank oyu so right here waiting...... Read More

  1. by   R0xyg4l
    Quote from lisalpn06
    The prison is state, but medical is hired through CMS
    Is CMS a staffing agency? I just wonder if the work is full time and permanent, also about benefits... I will be moving to central Indy soon and I know the Plainfield, IN prison is hiring. TY!
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  2. by   lizzyberry
    Anyone know anything about Saint Margarets in Hammond,In?
  3. by   tiffyton1204
    I fill in a few times a month in a family practice office and only make $16/hr
  4. by   llamagirl25
    I am an LPN in Central-Eastern Indiana. I work in LTC and have been a nurse for almost 30 years. I am making 22.00 an hour. I work every other weekend and every other holiday. I work on an advanced Alzheimer's Unit and love it. No idea what they pay for RNs because we have no RNs on our unit. They seem to prefer the skilled unit. Go figure
  5. by   rehab girl
    I've worked for the past 4 years as an R.N in NWI & make 25.30 per hour.
  6. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from Oncnurse86
    I live in northwest indiana. Pretty much every hospital pays from $20/hr-23.50/hr. I worked as a graduate nurse for $22.50/hr (VERY recently, i just graduated in december). The RN pay for that hospital is $23.50. HOWEVER i'd never recommend anyone to go work at that specific make more but you put your license at risk every day b/c of very poor and unsafe staffing. Crown point i believe is $20/hr, Munster im not sure but its in that general area. In this area you wont only be making $17/hr, unlesss you're an LPN. But as an RN, you'll do better. Dont worry :-). Best of luck!
    Could this be a Hospital in Hammond you are talking about?
  7. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from rehab girl
    I've worked for the past 4 years as an R.N in NWI & make 25.30 per hour.
    Wow I also live in NWI is this a hospital or LTC?
  8. by   rehab girl
    I work in a hospital.
  9. by   AMAH27
    I am in Northern IN and as a new grad started at $20/hr and increase to $23/hr after NCLEX. How about the rest of you?
  10. by   Polly Dipcya
    I'm a new LPN in my first hospital job in northern IN..I make 15.25 on the midnight shift. I've heard that LTC pays more but don't know for sure.
  11. by   superstockER
    I started as an RN in ICU 2.5 yrs ago making 18.00 then up to 20.00 after NCLEX. When I switched to ER less than a year into it, I was making around 24.00 (icl all the diffs). Now I am working agency, which pays anywhere from $31-47 depending on location of work and what specialty I am using (ER, ICU, Psych, Med/Surg, LTC).

    I have always worked hospitals or agency in hospitals. Office jobs always pay less.

    Hope this helps.
  12. by   jackson145
    Wow, it must be nice to live in northern Indiana! I'm at the southern tip of the state. These are just amounts I've learned my husband job search.
    HH LPN $12/hr
    LTC LPN $14/hr not sure about shift diff, though
  13. by   SuperStockRN
    Well, a little more information from my earlier post:

    I earned the 18.00 by going into Michigan (we live right at the state line) which was paying about $2 more per hour as I remember. But, I went back to ER in Indiana when I made that switch.

    The agency staffs for both Indiana and Michigan with the same wage spread as stated in the previous post.

    Do the southern areas differ that much? What about Central Indiana like Lafayette or Indianapolis? We might move that direction, but I am afraid I will be stuck working agency to make a good hourly wage...