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hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank oyu so right here waiting...... Read More

  1. by   jackson145
    From what I've heard, the Indy area isn't like my area. We are a real small community surrounded by real small communities. RN is one of the best paying jobs in the area.
  2. by   littlemamakt
    Hello! Do RNs in NW Indiana make a little more than in South Bend? Just wondering because I know it is more expensive to live in NWI. That's part of the reason we moved back to the SB area.
  3. by   yardgnome
    (outside Bloomington) $27.00 hr prn on med/surg floor. More on nights and weekends.
  4. by   Atheos
    Wow, good thing I left Indiana. The cost of living is pretty low though. Might be worth the lower pay.
  5. by   Innurse78
    I make 58.00 an hour; got a 25,000 sign on bonus up front; I work only 10 hours a week but get paid for a full 40 hours and I have a 2 hour paid lunch everyday and only look after 2 patients-- Johhny Depp and Orlando Bloom ( in full pirate costuume of course)!!!

    If anyone finds the above job, pleaseeeeeeeeeee email me and let me know ASAP!
    And please do NOT slap me and wake me up from this dream!
  6. by   incublissRN
    I work in a hospital in Indianapolis. I make $21.60/hr and night shift diff is $3.50.
  7. by   Nascar nurse
    I work as RN in LTC and make $24.85/hr. In NW Indiana
  8. by   tdthomps
    Hello I am a surgical RN. I work in a spin surgery center in INdianapolis straight schedule M-F 8-5pm and I am making $28.00 per hour. I am happy because I do not have to worry about working nights or weekends and they pay 100% benefits. Well, I guess the down side is that I am the only RN that works in the office but I think at some point we plan to bring another on board.
  9. by   rassccalRN
    Well I work Labor delivery in southern Indiana working nights i get paid 25.00 an hour and an extra dollar an hour for weekeneds, so not to bad
  10. by   spider11
    I'm an LPN in a central Indiana hospital. I make $15.49 base, 20% shift diff for nights plus an additional 10% more on the weekends. Not to mention I work weekend option which is $7 more on the hour. I work every Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The schedule is good for me, I start the transitional RN program in June. Starting RN's make about $21 plus the same shift diff but RN weekend option is an additional $11 more on the hour. (try to figure out my paycheck every week!! lol) I will say that where I work has excellent bonuses when I pick up extra shifts. We have had such high census, they have been offering $15 more per hr for LPN and $20 more per hour in addition to your regular pay when being called in.

  11. by   sweetie24
    I did move from PA to Indiana to go to nursing school! I lived in Delco County! LOL! The cost of living is much cheaper! I moved because we have 2 kids and I couldn't afford to go to school in PA. I would have had to work full time go to school and care for my 1 year old and 3 year old! I do hope to move back I'll just have to take the NCLEX again! OH well! Here in Indiana we can live off one income and I can focus on school.
  12. by   ChanceORiley27
    Umm... you guys are seriously scaring me. I don't know what area of nursing you work in, but if you want money - you can get it. You'll have to work at a nursing home, but I've been in LTC for a year and a half and I'll be staying there until I get my RN.

    I work in Indianapolis and I would NEVER take a LTC job that didn't offer me 19-20/hr and that doesn't include a shift differential.

    As a brand new LPN at a LTC facility I got $18hr with a $3 night bonus at American Village.

    Heck, even at Lockefield Village (LTC/division of Wishard) you make 16-17 as an LPN (probably a dollar less if you don't have experience).

    And as an RN with 5 or so years of LPN experience - I expect 27-30 and I know nurses who get that - at hospitals.

    There is a seriously nursing shortage everywhere and if you hold out for the money - they will pay you. They don't really have a choice - especially in LTC.

    I only have one rule of thumb when taking a new job. Ask for an offer letter. It's just a letter that states what hourly wages they're offering you and can include the dollar amount of the shift differential if you ask them to. I have done this ever since an employer lied about the rate of my pay.
  13. by   Innurse78
    I would really like info on hospitals that pay 27-30 an hour.
    There are none around here that pay that much and if you demand it, they show you the door. I have been an LPN for 18 years ( starting transitional in May 08). RN's here at the major hospital make about 22-24/hr and thats if you do the nights and weekends.
    Office LPN's are a joke at 12.50/hr here. I worked at one place for 5 years and only made it up to 14.38/hr. Now I work at a building supply company, make almost that an hour and no resposibility, no nights, no "seekers" calling in about their narcs.

    In LTC I could make 23/hr as an LPN and 26/hr as an RN but I do not like LTC.

    After I am done my RN, I am headed out of Indiana as the wages are much lower compared to other states.

    But I WOULD like to know what hospitals you are referring to. I know you can make over 38/hr as registry in the hospitals here though but not as perm. staff

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