Do RN's in Indiana think they are adequately compensated?

  1. I wanted to ask this question to all the Indiana nurses out there. I read a similar post in the "poll" section of this site. I came out of it a little discouraged as I'm just beginng to start my preq. classes for nursing school.

    The vast majority of members that replied to that question had a lot of negative things to say. Any thoughts.......
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  3. by   Innurse78
    I do not think its a question of compensation as much as job satisfaction.
    If you are pleased/happy at your job then the compensation is acceptable.
    If you hate it and stress over going to work, then even if your paid 50.00 an hour, it would not be worth the stress to endure working at a place I hated.

    You have to WANT to be a nurse for many reasons but doing it because you think it will make you rich.......then you best consider changing professions. Nursing is very challenging and thats what we love about it the most.
    Sure there are great nursing jobs out there that people just love and get paid very well at...........but in all honestly, those are far and few between. But that also reflects in all professions.

    Indiana is not one of the high paying states for nurses. But it all depends on what you want to do with your degree after as well.
    Hospital nursing, LTC, management.............all have their perks and disadvantages. Only you can decide if you truly WANT to be a nurse. And of course...nurses are in demand everywhere so you can go to anywhere and always have a job!

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  4. by   inmale

    Thanks for your response. As with any career, attempting it for the "money" exclusively will only lead to problems. I currently work in Insurance (claims) and absolutely HATE it. I've really been excited since I decided to switch career tracks and go back to school. I'm starting my prereqs this summer (actually on Monday, Anatomy and Physiology) and was just a little discouraged by that thread I read in the poll section.

    In claims we are always overworked and underpaid. Turnover is extreme which leads to more claims per adjuster, which leads to more work and more hours. I'm not nave enough to think this only goes on in Insurance, but how often do you see that in nursing? Can anyone speak good or bad with regard to patient volume, etc. within the hospitals in or around Indy?
  5. by   racing-mom4
    I went into nursing for purely selfish reasons. I wanted to work part time, nights and weekend and make a decent hourly wage---Hooters was an option but I never looked good in orange!! hahaha...

    Ok seriously...I love being a nurse. I am satisfied and feel good about the work I do. I would not do it for free though.

    I worked in the corporate world for 10 years before baby#3 came along and I couldnt stomach the thought of my 3 month old in day care from 7:30 to 6pm and then Mommy having to travel twice a month and having to do paperwork and make phone calls at home. I made way more money in the corporate world than I will ever make as a nurse- but the trade off is worth it.

    My hours are flexible enough I can attend all the kids field trips and take them to the dentist during the day vs trying to get one of the few coveted after 5pm slots. Since I work nights I am home during the day if a child is home sick. I really consider myself a stay at home mom, who happens to also be an ICU nurse.

    Other perks would be: I dont have to wear panty hose and high heels!! I come home with pockets full of pens/bandaides and tape!! Scrubs are comfortable. Make up is an option. Really though---Nursing is a career that is never boring, I learn something new every day. I am able to see people at their happiest and saddest of times, I feel by providing comfort and care I really am making a difference in others lives, and you just cant put a dollar amount on that.

    Like I said earlier, I could make a lot more money doing something else, but what is the cost of the time I would be giving up away from my family?

    As far as Indiana nurses not making as much as other states??? Cost of living is pretty cheap here..I know of nurses who have moved here from the East coast who have taken a 10.00 an hour pay cut, but have never had a bigger savings account.

    Nursing works for me and my family.
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  6. by   coltsgrl
    Quote from racing-mom4
    i went into nursing for purely selfish reasons. i wanted to work part time, nights and weekend and make a decent hourly wage---hooters was an option but i never looked good in orange!! hahaha...
    hee hee

    i like the original question...i wish more people would actually answer offense, but it seems like every time you ask about pay someone has to kill the thread with some "if you're doin' it for the money then you're in it for the wrong reasons" speech

    i am currently a cna, starting the nursing program in august and am genuinely curious as to how much indianapolis area nurses start off making. yes, i know the average off of salary . com, but that is an average...what does clarian, community or st. vincent start off at?
    does anyone know?

    i love being a cna, i have only been doing it for a few months, i only make 10 an hour and think all cna's should be paid double that (and have double the amount of cna's working)!!!

    so that just makes me wonder if nurses are "paid what they're worth" around indianapolis, and i wonder this because i have heard that the 3 hospitals that i mentioned have "gotten together" with eachother to eliminate sign-on bonuses and competition and if that filtered down to salary.

    ok, i'll shut up now (don't mean to make anyone upset...just curious)
  7. by   racing-mom4
    Colts girl--I totally agree, I hate to hear "you dont go into nursing for the money" as you know what, you do. Meaning, you wouldnt do it for free would you? Would you do it for 5.00 an hour, or 12.50 an hour? No you wouldnt. We have to eat-we have to buy our kids new shoes and toys, we need to pay off our blasted student loans.

    Nursing school was hard, nursing is hard and for that we are in my opinion fairly compensated or else we wouldnt be doing it.

    As far as how much you will make, you really do need someone from Indianapolis to chime in. New grads in the Ft.Wayne area make 17.50-19.50 base rate, I make an additional 1.00 for working nights and an additional 3.00 for working on a weekend. So Saturday night I would get an extra 4.00 an hour. I get a raise and review at 6mos and 12mos then yearly after that. Raises at the hospital I work for are about 1.00 an hour. I work a weekend premium position, so I work every Saturday/Sunday and get paid for 36 hours even though I am only working 24.

    My pay is consistent with the hospitals with in a 50 mile radius. I know this because they all came to my nursing school to recruit us in our last semester, I also know this because I have asked all my friends what they got hired in at in their new nursing jobs.

    If no Indianapolis nurses chime in, you may just want to call Clarion, St.Vincent, Riley, Methodist etc etc and ask HR what the starting RN wage is they will tell you.

    Also when you graduate and are shopping around for jobs, inquire about sign on bonuses and tuition forgiveness. Benefits also play a huge factor. My health insurance is cheaper than most of the hospitals in the 50mile radius, with my klutzy kids I need affordable health coverage. I also think it is important to have a generous PTO allowance.

    In my area Hospital nurses make more than LTC nurses and way more than office nurses. ASN and BSNs make the exact same on the floor--this was asked by a BSN student during a recruiters lunch and the eye rolls and gasps filled the conference room.

    My guess is you will make more than 17.50-19.50 base starting out in Indy. Honestly though I dont know what it will be. I do know that I work with a resp therapist who drives an hour to Muncie to work at Ball Memorial because she is making 3.00 more an hour. Yet with gas prices and time away from home, that to me is not worth it. FYI I live with in walking distance to my hospital even if I could get a job making 3.00 an hour and driving only 30 min, I would probably pass. To me convenience has a price.

    I hope that helps, and I hope some Indianapolis nurses will chime in.
  8. by   Innurse78
    Well sorry to disappoint you gals but I did NOT go into nursing for the money.
    My reason was that I am a people person and love the fact of helping and the medical world is very interesting to me.
    I have worked as an LPN for 18 years and there are many times that I gave up the more $$$ for the better working conditions and would do it again in a heartbeat.
    When I finish the ASN, I plan on working in a job that I find satisfying to me- whether it pays 50/hr or 20/hr.
    My health, well being comes before stressful jobs just because of that almighty dollar.
    I know nurses who have gone into the field just because they have heard." can make 100G your 1st year( a few friends in OR do make that) but they are so burnt out that both of them are getting out of nursing to a less stressful job and doing career changes.

    Maybe because I am older than most of you gals that I can see what stress does to a ain't pretty. When you get to my age- having a healthy, fullfilling job with great co-workers, a great benefit plan and just looking forward to going to work is what matters the most to me.
    There is a heck of a lot more to nursing than money............and anyone who goes into it just for that reason is only fooling themselves.
    Nursing is not an easy job. It is very demanding in certain circumstances.

    Go ahead and ask a trauma nurse or a flight nurse if they do it for the money............I bet the answer would be no....they do it for the rush of being in where the action is, the trauma and the actaul love of their job.

  9. by   racing-mom4
    I am sure Coltsgrl and I know myself did not chose nursing only for the $$. Was that a factor though in choosing nursing? Yep a factor.

    I went into nursing for many reasons, the top reason being the flexibility of the hours, and the hourly wage I can make in those hours.

    I said in an earlier post "I am satisfied and feel good about the work I do" I also said "I am able to see people at their happiest and saddest of times, I feel by providing comfort and care I really am making a difference in others lives, and you just cant put a dollar amount on that." But would I do it for free?? No way...not a chance. Would I do it for minimum wage? Never. Nursing is hard work, rewarding and satisfying, but hard. For that I deserve and rightly am compensated.

    I also love making flower arrangements would I do someones flowers for their wedding for free? Nope. Would I charge them 22.50 an hour? No. I would charge them a fair and going rate for flower arrangements.

    I think the point of the OP was are Indiana nurses adequately compensated? In my opinion for me, the answer is yes. I feel I am compensated appropriately for the job I do. If a nurse does not feel she is appropriately compensated for her job, she should find a new job. There are alot of other things I could be doing and make more money.There is a skilled nursing home about 30 min away that I could make 37.50 an hour in, but it is too much work for me-so I chose not too.

    But if you factor in all the great things about being a nurse, how happy I am in the ICU, how much I love the team I work with, the fact that I have a very flexible schedule and make a decent hourly wage. I am completely happy in my choice.

    I have to laugh when I hear nurses say "I only went into nursing to help others" OK then why arent you volunteering?
  10. by   Innurse78
    as a matter of fact I was a candy striper for many years as a kid!

    And I do volunteer at the local hospital three days a week!

    So I guess you can laugh away at me.
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  11. by   racing-mom4
    Quote from mrs.frog
    as a matter of fact I was a candy striper for many years as a kid!

    And I do volunteer at the local hospital three days a week!

    So I guess you can laugh away at me.
    I am sure we are all on the same page as far as we are compensated for what we do, and if we were not properly compensated we would not do it. I have volunteered at the kids school--I am not a teacher. I have volunteered at Vacation Bible school--I am not a pastor. I do have a nursing degree and am a registered nurse, for that work, I shall be compensated.

    Now I know many Drs who work with the Doctors with our borders program and a few times a year they volunteer at 3rd world countries and provide amazing services, I would be thrilled to be able to provide that service and I would easily give up my two weeks vacation in Fla to go to the Jamaican mountaintops and assist those Drs-for 2 weeks. I have a family that needs my income. Thus I need to gather a pay check each week--that was the point of my post, one of the main reasons I chose nursing was the flexible hours and the decent hourly wage while working those hours. I looked at nursing from a logical standpoint- 1) can I do the job? 2) will this job provide me with what I need? 3) will I find satisfaction in this job?--by answering yes to all of those questions and many others, I knew nursing was a good fit for me. Does it make me a bad nurse because I didnt have a "calling" to save someone? No.
    I guess my point being is I love my job--I love my team, my patients, I love the feeling I get when I comfort someone who is in need, I love the science behind it all, I love the never ending learning. But bottom line is even though I love it, I would not do it for free.
  12. by   inmale
    Thanks to everyone for your posts! Is there anyone in Indy that could answer the pay question? How about any NPs out there?
  13. by   racing-mom4
    Quote from inmale
    Thanks to everyone for your posts! Is there anyone in Indy that could answer the pay question? How about any NPs out there?
    inmale, I think you may just have to call some of the area hospitals and ask, most hospitals have a base rate for new grad hires and there is little negotiation in that rate. Some hospitals will factor in past exp if you did any CNA or LPN work into that equation, but not all.

    When deciding on the facility to work for there are alot of factors involved: tuition forgiveness, PTO, health coverage, location, staff to patient ratio etc etc etc. Alot of the hospitals will list their perks/benefits on their HR website. You will probably find that most of the hospitals in Indy are with in a few bucks or so with each other, but weigh all the benefits, as sometimes even the hospital that is a dollar less an hour will have better benefits so in the long run you will be doing better by working for them.

    If your currently in clinicals ask the floor nurses what the base starting rate is, most will tell you. I know many hospitals recruit Srs in their last semester of nursing school, you will for sure be given starting wages then. But if you cant wait till then just call into HR and ask.

    Best of luck!!
  14. by   cc_nurse
    I accepted an offer from Clarian in Carmel, with almost 2 yrs exp they offered me $22.45/hr base with $3.40 evening diff, $4.00 night diff and $5 weekend diff. Its only slightly less than i make in Pa, but more with the differentials. I have to pay into my benefits there where as I currently get them for free, but over all everything else is cheaper so it will work.