Calling all IUPUC students

  1. I graduated from the LPN program at Ivy Tech in Bloomington and have been trying to get into the transitional program to no avail. So I have decided to try my luck at IUPUC . Has anybody went that track? Thanks, Sandy
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  3. by   KacyLynnRN
    Hi Sandy,
    I attended LPN to ASN in 2005 at IUPUC. I did not have a good experience, but I am an RN now so I did reach my final goal regardless. If you have questions, feel free to email me:

  4. by   swater
    Do You Know How Long Your Pre Reqs For The Rn Program Are Good For Before You Have To Start From Scratch? Thanks Sandy
  5. by   andreasl
    I am a pre-nursing student at IUPUC (soon applying for admission to BSN nursing program at IUPUI). I have heard negative things about the transition programs, so I would only suggest them if you are unable to go for the full four year, or two year program, that requires application. As for IUPUC, I really enjoy the campus, it is a great place to start your pre-recs because they transfer so easily to so many IU campuses. Good Luck.
  6. by   NancyB,LPN
    I am doing my pre req's thru IUPUC and will be doing LPN to ASN there. After 17 years of being an LPN doing RN work and not getting the same pay, I figured I'd make my mother happy, along with my bank account, and just do it.
  7. by   Medsurg Mama
    I attended the Lpn to Asn transition and graduated in 2006 @ IUPUC. I really loved it! I did the full time option and was able to manage working full time, being married and having two young children. As long as you have a good GPA you shouldn't have any trouble getting in. Only one person in my entire class did not pass boards on the first try, which I think is pretty good. I am actually still attending the same campus, finishing up my pre reqs for the RN to MSN program thru IUPUI. It really is a great school. Good Luck to You!!