Are there Jobs for New Grads? - page 2

Hello I am a recent RN graduate and I am looking to relocate to the gary, merrillville area and I need help in where to apply for a new grad position. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   Moosey32
    I'm a new grad nurse near the Fort Wayne area... and the job market in the area is terrible. There are jobs avaialble but they all want experience. Also, in my area, Lutheran Network owns like 5+ of the major hospitals in the area. Lutheran is an amazing network to work for I hear, however it is next to impossible to get on unless you "know" someone. So now I'm checking hospitals all over Indiana and relocationg.

    Who thought the hardest part of nursing would be finding a job? Lol.

    There are always nursing homes and LTC facilities and such. Most nursing homes don't have a website so it is best to go in and talk to them about job openings.
  2. by   hbgwan
    it's been a while since someone posted about jobs for new grads in indiana. does anyone have any updates? especially looking for the indy area.