Apts near Marian College

  1. I am not familiar with Indianapolis neighborhoods. I go there often and know the general geography but do not know which neighborhoods are good and which are bad.

    I'll be attending Marian in Jan and hope to move in the Spring. I'd like an apt near the college, but have heard that it's a bad neighborhood. I've checked the classifieds but that doesn't tell me what's a good neighborhood and what isn't.

    Can anyone give me streets, apt building complexes, names of neighborhoods, etc that are decent? I'd like to be as close as possible to the college but if I have to travel across town that would be ok.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I actually went to Marian College for my ADN (1992-194).

    We left Indianapolis in 1996 but were back this summer for awhile. Noblesville, Carmel, Brownsville are all areas in the general area of the college. You are probably going to have to commute a little bit. I wouldn't live in that area. I was married and had kids when I lived in Indy - does Marian College have dorms? I thought they did.
  4. by   bethin
    Thanks. I didn't think of Brownsville. I checked out Shelbyville, Franklin, and Greenwood and the rent is astronomical compared to Indy.
  5. by   Ceteris Paribus
    The "village" of Broad Ripple (56th and College North to about 70th Street) is really nice (perhaps a bit pricy because the area is trendy for college students and night life so you will probably pay $650-900 for a newer apartment that overlooks the Monon , you might consider a two bedroom and splitting with someone). It's also got the Monon (just went running there today) which stretches all the way North into Hamilton County and all the way South to 10th street (kind of a bad area south of 56th street or so). It would be about 15 minutes to the Marion college campus. Also, there are some REALLY nice apartments downtown on the canal (West Street near the IUPUI campus) if you like downtown life (again about 15 minutes or less to Marion college). The problem with Avon, Brownsburg and surrounding areas is that rush hour in Indy (3 to about 7 PM) can turn what would otherwise be a 20 minute drive into a one hour plus nightmare. Bottom line is that any decent apartment in Indy is probably going to run in the $550+ range depending upon how nice the area. Don't forget to contact student services at the college as they may have some "inside" deals that are cheaper than market rent prices.

    If money is a big consideration you might consider advertising on Craigs list or in the Star for a "deal". My wife lived with an older, widowed man in the Eagle Creek area when she was a student. He was losing his vision and had mobility issues. In exchange for light housekeeping, doing his shopping once a week, and taking him to the doctor/barber once a month she got to live in a nice Condo near Eagle Creek for $50.00 per month on the utilities (at the time she earned $6.00 per hour at Glamour shots in the mall and went to school full time with no financial aide so she couldn't have made it otherwise). There are many people who would probably be willing to trade "an extra room" for very limited childcare. For example my wife and I often pay $100.00 for about six hours of childcare a couple times per month so that someone will watch our six year old (not having local family) so that we can get away overnight. I think that there are many people in our situation who can't quite afford a $300.00 plus per week nanny (or who don't need that much childcare) who have extra space AND probably live reasonably close to DT Indy.
  6. by   new_mom26
    Check out Lions Creek Apartments in Noblesville
  7. by   Firegirl127
    I live on the West side, and there are many apartment complexes to consider. If you are looking for something "cheap", you probably aren't goignt o find it in Noblesville, Carmel, etc. You are right, the area around Marian College isn't the best to live. There is a HUGE complex on the west side called "West Lake" that is reasonably priced, but is a large complex. A friend of mine just moved in there (with his wife and 2 toddlers), and said that for apartment living in the city, it isn't too bad...good luck!
  8. by   LovesDisney
    What is your price range? What is your definition of safe/unsafe? I live very close to Marian in a very nice area, but it does depend on your frame of reference.
  9. by   bethin
    Thanks to all for the suggestions. I found two places: both on Meridian street, one across from Channel 6 news, and the other near the Children's Museum. I've looked at both and can't decide so I'm taking my mom Monday so she can help me decide.

    Studio with all utilities included for $445 sounds good to me.
  10. by   Ceteris Paribus
    Had I seen your post earlier I would have cautioned you against those locations as being "borderline" in terms of crime risk. I recently had a buddy who almost rented an apartment near 79th and Hoover for $400.00 per month which would be a significantly safer area. Hopefully, everything worked out okay.
  11. by   lyndsaynicole
    We live around Shadeland and Fallcreek and it's about 10-15 minutes to downtown, and we only pay 505 a month for a one bedroom apartment that's about 900 sq. feet. There are quite a few good places around for cheap, I actually have a friend who lives near Woodruff downtown-he lives on the other side of Woodruff-the not so nice side, I guess...but really, it's not that bad. He pays $460 a month for a duplex-one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, nice size living room, and a "cozy den" off the living room, which really-could be an extra bedroom if it had to. It has a big closet too. And he has half the basement-it's not finished, but he has a washer and dryer down there. Anyway, just keep looking Good luck!
  12. by   Ceteris Paribus
    Woodruff, has some BEAUTIFUL homes and we always love going to their community sale during the Summer, BUT both Michigan to the South and 10th street to the North hold roughly the same risks for catching a bullet as many neighborhoods in Baghdad or Felusia I suspect.
  13. by   bethin
    I found a place on Meridian Street and I've been living here for a month and have had no problems. Close to downtown and easy interstate access. I stay on 65 for about 1.5 miles before I exit. Great apartment, nice friendly people. Mostly singles because you can only have 1 person in a studio and 2 in a 1 bedroom (there's only a few). No kids. Lots of nurses, cops, and doctors live here.
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