anyone from Michiana?

  1. Hi, I am in Michiana. I am looking for a nursing school to attend. I have looked at a few colleges and I am having a hard time picking one.

    Bethel college-this is where I got my BA from. I would love to go here but its pretty expensive. Since I already have a degree I don't get a lot of assistance. They also have a 7 year expiration date on science classes. I would have to retake a few classes. But they have had 100% of students pass the nursing test for the last 3 years.

    Ivy tech- Is their nursing program very good?

    A few other choices: IUSB, Lake Michigan College, South Western Michigan College, PNC

    I am looking to go into a 2 year program for the ADN. I have a gpa of around 3. I had no idea nursing was so competitive. I am looking into doing a career change. Any advice on area schools would be great!

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  3. by   BernieRN
    I attend Ivy Tech in South Bend. It is a beautiful school and the professors I have had so far have been wonderful. The cost is minimal, around 90 a credit hour. Lowest in the state, I think. They have a good rate of hire and a high graduation rate for nursing.
    I am still in my general courses, but hoping to get in to the nursing program next year.
    They have an ASN program and if you want to further it to BSN, you can go to IUSB to finish up since credits are transferable.
    Maybe I'll see you there!
  4. by   jennifers
    Hi diana,
    The only thing that concerns me is I have heard people on this board say Ivy tech is almost impossible to get into. Have you heard the same thing? Have you taken the TEAS test yet? I was hoping that their bookstore would have some kind of a review/study guide for it.

  5. by   BernieRN
    Jennifer, yes it is hard to get in to the Nursing from what I hear. Waiting list. I haven't taken the TEAS yet. I am taking ANP 101 right now and want to take all 3 and bio before I take the test. I need all of the points I can get, and the wait list is the reason why. Higher your points, the better the chance you get in. They might have examples of the TEAS on the Ivy Tech web site, or maybe at the library? Not sure. I'd love to see some other South Bend Ivy Tech people post with suggestions and such. I know they are out there!

  6. by   LPNMOM2B
    Hello, I am looking to start Ivy Tech in South Bend this January. I am wanting to take the LPN program. When people say it is hard to get into, are you talking about the RN or the LPN program? Does anyone have any info on the LPN program that might be helpful?
  7. by   BernieRN
    The LPN is hard to get in to as well. Just because there are so many people wanting a slot. Some students try for the RN and if they miss getting in there, then they go for LPN.
    Go to and you can find a bit of info about their program, cost and requirements. Hope it helps.
  8. by   jennifers
    Diane they have a teas study guide in the bookstore. It was $50
  9. by   BernieRN
    Thanks Jennifers!
  10. by   AfloydRN
    I think all nursing schools now are alot more competative than when I went. I think LMC is fine as well as SMC. The prereqs are different though. If you want to go on to BSN SMC's prereqs are more helpful. At LMC you end up having to take alot of clases for BSN.