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Indian graduate in Australia wants to come to USA

by Gurwantkaur Gurwantkaur (New) New

Hi ,

i am am graduate from India as BSC nurse. I recently visited my husband in Ausi for 3 months( he is Indian too and is permanent resident and due for Ausi citizenship in 1 year) I am back to India now before I go back to Ausi after talking islets.

I am am willing to go to USA and apply for NCLEX and licence after transcript verification and etc.

my husband wants to move to USA as his 2 sisters ( one doctor in medicine residency) are in USA.

i would appreciate if some one can help me. I am eligible for Australian permanent residency in 3 months once I go back to Ausi after my islets .I want to know should I apply for visa for USA from Ausi or India? Should I start working in USA and then apply to USA ? Or should apply from India..?

i wanna get most information before I start process of licence and prep for NCLEX and tofel.

Any help would be appreciated!

thanks !

I have no experience with this whatsoever. But logically speaking, in your position, I would seek advice from professionals who deal with immigration, such as an attorney.

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i would probably concentrate with Australia as with retrogression if born in India you are looking at over 10 years wait for a immigrant visa and demand for H1b by other professions is higher than nursing as most employers are not willing to pay the $$ it will cost.