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I love taking care of the 70 some residents of our personal care/assisted living facility. Not high tech, but very much holistic and quality of life and successful aging and wellness issues, not to mention people and assessment skills. I also love the autonomy of working 3-11 and night shift, but I would love to do this on my own, perhaps as a consultant, or home visitor. (I really would like to start my own business -to have weekends off to spend time with my family etc) What kind of options are legal for independent nursing? Could a RN provide day to day or week to week personal care to help keep people home longer, say for private pay, when they are discharged from home health? Any ideas would be appreciated. Carrie



I recently read a post by someone who mentioned how happy they were as an "independant contractor". I wanted to write to them and ask them to explain a little more about what this entails. If anyone remembers the post or if the person who wrote it reads this will you please give some info.

I have worked (am working as a self-employed contractor) for over 3 years, I will do my best to never be an employee of a hospital again! I also work as an agent for a few RN's that were interested in working independently. (yes I do take a small fee for doing paper work making phone calls etc....) If your interested in more info. e-mail me at "[email protected]"

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