Independent contracting, Health Insurence

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I have been interested in being IC Nurse, but I am worried about health insurence for me and my family and what about when I cannot work. At my present job if hopitalized the insurance pays 100% of stay less deductable and about 75-80% for medication. I cannnot aford to pay 80% of a in patient hospital stay of high co pays to the office or out pt surgey? Where do you get started?

First, there are certain trade offs between being independent and employed. Do you want freedom and control of your life or not.

Health insurance - what health insurance? Many employer are cutting back on this expenses.

As an independent, I charge (and get) $60 an hour. Most are getting $55-$60 depending on location and specialty. If you cannot afford insurance making independent wages, you probably should be an employee.

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