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I'm a Surgical nurse basically it's Med/Surg with little to none Medical. We focus on Surgical. Which extends to post-surgical problems...fistulas, infections, abscesses, all kinds of good stuff. Anyway, I am trying to increase my nursing knowledge I've been a nurse 2+ years and I want to increase my knowledge. I'm in school thru Excelsior College working on my RN. However, what I'm looking for is ways to improve nursing skills and knowledge. Ultimately, I'd like to be a Charge Nurse and maybe be a nurse educator from there. Does anyone have helpful ways that you use to study or research or anything would be appreciated. I'm just tired of sitting hoping for more...I'm ready to act on it... You know make myself known. Don't get me wrong I'm not an idiot...I just want be smarter.


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It is good that you want to enhance your knowledge. Since you have experience in the surgical unit, why not do a course on stoma care or wound management...You could also do a degree in nursing. There are a lot of choices in nursing. Once you have some extra special qualification you could apply for the Charge nurse or nurse educator post. :up:


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Consider becoming a Certified Wound/Ostomy nurse.

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