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Hi, I have not practiced nursing since i moved here in Canada. I was trying to look up in the internet about the indications of incident report but I cant find the answers. Anyone who can tell me what the indications are and give links where i can read at? thanks.

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Do you mean reports for say a med error or patient fall? What did you want to know? I think they would vary from facility to facility.Where I work they are used for keeping statistics,identifying problems and for making changes that promote safety.They are not used for punitive reasons.

Every facility has their own incident report. Basically if it's dangerous to you, a coworker or a patient there's an incident report waiting to be filled up.

Like Lori said, med errors, falls are the most routine. Incident reports are also required for needlestick and other injuries, physical or vebal abuse from patients or their families to staff are just a few more that are required in my hospital.

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