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inactive status for vermont license??

tsindiok tsindiok (New) New

hi, i have am a registered nurse for the vermont state.. though i dont have any intention of working there, i am currently applying for an endorsement for the new york state.. so back to my vermont license.. it expires on march 30,2007.. i dont wish to pay for the renewal but i dont want to lose my license there either (so i have more options in the future) so i was planning to put it in an "inactive" status.. wat exactly does an inactive status mean?

Inactive means that you cannot work with that license, it exists but is not active. You will need to pay the fee and provide the SSN# to have that license changed to active status.

An inactive license cannot be endorsed, to endorse requires an active license.


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hello suzanne, i have a question.. my original license is in VERMONT and i had it endorsed to CALIFORNIA.. i have plans of transfering to NEVADA after my contract here.. do i need to make my vermont LICENSE active? thanks for the usual response to all our querries

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