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Hi everyone!

I am a BSN graduate and RN. I graduated 1994 and did not practice my profession for 14 years. Do you think there is still room for me to practice my profession? What can I do to refresh my knowledge and skills as a nurse? Is there any hospital or institution in the Philippines that is offering refreshal course? I need your comments and suggestions. Your help is highly appreciated.


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yes. you can still practice nursing.

I'll assume that you did not renew your license.

Start looking for a refresher course. I don't know the policy of PRC about refresher course and how we can know if a provider is accredited, or if there's any formal guidelines about this....but I know Kaplan is offering a refresher course.


try calling PNA or PRC for possible refresher courses or route to reactivation of license.'re back again to Nursing. You just have to gain some experience, though, if you're aiming for nursing jobs abroad.


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you can check philippine heart center, NkTI, or lung center if they offer refreshers..i think one of them does..not sure though so might as well call each..


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There's a nurse re-entry program at the Philippine Heart Center for nurses who have been out of practice.. It's a four month training program which is only conducted once a year, if i'm not mistaken. I'm just not quite sure though if they have a criteria on how many years the nurse must have not practiced the nursing profession in order to be qualified for the program.. I suggest visiting the website for information or visit PHC for further inquiry. :)


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Hi Iamnomad and callen1507,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will try to visit or call those hospitals and institution to check and verify. My license is still valid, I made it a point that I renew it before it expires. Yes, I am trying to get a nursing job abroad and they require at least a year of experience and besides I am not that confident that I still have the knowledge and skills that I have 14 years back.

Do you have any idea about caring careers Ltd? Here is there website I am thinking that since I do not have the experience, how about go with this have training and work at the same time for 2 years. I am not sure lang kung after that 2 years eh they can help to get a license in UK. If you have any information please share it with me.

If you happen to know any institution that can absorb inactive nurse like me, contact me. I just want to get that one year experience to qualify and of course to regain my confidence as a nurse, Thanks a lot.


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Hi Guys, thanks to all your reply. I will try to call or visit those institution that you mentioned. I think for PHC the slot for this year is already finished. I will try PLC and NKI. By the way, is experience needed to get the IV training? I still have a valid license though I am not working as a nurse. Thanks again to all your reply.


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there is a training program here in PGH called APCN.. most trainees have the same case as you.. just inquire in DNET in PGH regarding the availability of the training program.. this is a 6-month program.. you have the privilege of choosing the specialty units you want to have your duties.. at present, we have trainees in our unit


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Hi Gambutrol,

Thank you very much for sharing. Do you hyave the tel no. of DNET in PGH? Do they have any website?


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they have yahoo group.. just try to search it because posting sites and emails is not allowed in this forum..

janina08RN, RN

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hi ut utrn..i have been out of practice for 6 yrs and i am currently training at the lung center. they have an excellent training program as you get to handle as much as 10 patients. you will be assigned in different wards, ICU and ER. just call Lung Center of the Philippines Nursing Training Office to inquire. If you have a valid license you will be fine. IV training doesn't need experience for you to qualify in the training. All you need is your RN license. Best of luck!


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All the best janina08RN and than you very much for the useful information you shared.

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