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In my third year of RN and failed stats


Should I try to finish my RN?

  1. 1. Should I try to finish my RN?

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      Finish your RN, take the chance with stats.
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      Transfer to LPN, at least you'll have something to show for it.
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      Transfer to LPN, bridge later after paying off your loans.
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      Pick a different degree, like Bachelor of Arts (pretty much the only option)

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Hey everyone,

Please help me! I've wanted to be a nurse my whole life. I was finished half of my third year of my RN degree. I got kicked out because I failed stats 3 times. Every time, I failed by one or two percent. I still obtained d+, which is a regular pass, but not a 'nursing pass'. I got all 'A''s in my clinicals, and have never failed another course. They did not warn me or put me on academic probation first. So i got kicked out and I've been doing random courses in general studies because I have to complete 24 credits before any program will admit me now. I re-applied for Fall 2015, and they rejected me, saying my GPA must be at least 3.0. I had a GPA of 2.8 last semester, and currently have all 'A''s in my courses in progress. But they are not considering those courses for my application.

I have student loans totaling over $30 000. I don't know if I should keep trying for my RN or not. If I continue and get my grades above 3.0, and they re-admit me (at some point, likely not this year), I still have to complete stats. I'm wondering if I should just try and transfer to my LPN and maybe bridge later? Or just transfer to a different degree? I feel lost, and I have all of these loans, and nothing to show for it. Please help me. This consumes my every thought, I'm so lost.

Finish your RN, take the chance with stats. Have you worked with a Tutor? or taking stats on another school? like a community college or online?

BrandonLPN, LPN

Has 5 years experience.

You should finish your RN, and seek help with stats.

And please be careful of viewing the LPN as a consolation prize for failed RNs. Not at all true, and rather demeaning. There is no reason to believe a LPN program will be "easier". If you want to be a RN, go for the RN.

I'm really terrible at math. I think you should try again and apply to your RN program.

I went to the tutoring center at my college 3x a week and it was really hard for me but I did pass the required math classes (with a C haha)

Maybe take statistics alone next semester, ask for help, join a study group, talk to your teacher and utilize the tutoring if your college has it.

When you reapply for your RN maybe apply to LPN or ADN programs as well, since nursing wasn't your issue..