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In 4th Semester- Should I Apply for a Job?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Hello! I am currently a nursing student going into my last semester of nursing school. I received an email from a job recruiter about an RN position. While it's not my "dream" job, I'm not opposed to working in this specific area and I do believe it would be a good fit for me starting off. I am just wondering the best way to reply to a recruiter and if it's too early to start applying to RN positions even though I won't be graduating/certified until May?
Thanks for any help

Dear Graduates in May,

Congrats on starting your fourth semester!

It is not too soon to apply for RN new grad positions. Nurse residency cohorts are offered only 2-4 X a year in any given facility, and spots are often awarded far ahead of time. You could easily be hired for a residency position starting in August, for example, with the contingency that you've passed the NCLEX by then.

So, don't hesitate as there is often competition in landing a residency position. Best of luck to you.

Nurse Beth

Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next! 

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