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Hi Guys! I just got a job as a program nurse in charge of the nursing care of a group of residents in ICF's in my county.

I'll be doing a lot of staff educational in-services and I know I'm jumping the gun here by thinking up future topics but I'm pretty excited to get going!

What are some solid topics for in-services to benefit the IDD community? All responses welcomes, and single word/list of replies are very appreciated as well!! Super Big Bonus if you have suggestions for fun teambuilding exercises!

Thank you and have a very great day ya'll.


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Hello and congratulations on your new job with a great population.

Two things immediately Spring to mind:

Conflict resolution 

Bowel protocol (tracking bowel movements, suppositories, laxatives, etcetera)

Specializes in Hospice.

End of life planning/ care for the persons your agency cares for.


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